Email Marketing Wall Of Shame 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

SaneBox Email Wall of Shame - Subscriber's Remorse

We’ve all been there. You buy something in-store and request an emailed copy of the receipt. Later that day, you sign up for online bill pay, book a weekend outing, and finally sign up for that social network you’ve been holding out on. You browse the network, find a lot of great content, and opt into a handful of e-newsletters. You receive confirmation emails from each of the day’s activities, and you’re happy to have them for reference.

A few days pass and you receive a barrage of emails that you didn’t have just a week ago. Then it hits you—you opted into nearly a dozen mailing lists in a single day. Some you signed up for intentionally; not others. You didn’t know the emailed receipt would add you to Macy’s promotional emails, that applying to a job through CyberCoders translated into daily job alert emails, or that switching to online bill pay would land you the “latest and greatest offers” from Comcast.

Then it sinks in—subscriber’s remorse. You do not want to receive these emails now or in the future.

At SaneBox, we believe email should work for you, not against you. That isn’t happening in this scenario, and that’s exactly why we built SaneBlackHole, a safe, easy, effective way of ditching unwanted mailing lists forever. Being the engineering and business types, we’re also numbers people. And that’s exactly why we ran queries to see which common domains are most often banished to the BlackHole.

Here, a look at 2015’s worst offenders, based on the percentage of total unsubscribes.

Top Email Newsletter Unsubscribes

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