Rachel Dotson


Michigander turned Angeleno. Teach For America alum turned startup marketer. I spend my days at SaneBox, saving the world from email woes one interruption at a time.

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  1. Stop Responding to Every Email—Here’s Why | Email is broken - March 25, 2016

    […] average person spends a staggering 28 percent of the workweek in email. For the majority of us, most of that time would be better spent elsewhere. But how do we reclaim […]


  2. Email – a bonus or a burden? - Careers Business - June 29, 2016

    […] https://blog.sanebox.com/2016/02/18/email-overload-research-statistics-sanebox/ […]


  3. 7 Email Mistakes to Avoid at Work - Roane Consulting – Breaking Boundaries - August 16, 2016

    […] market research firm Radicati Group. And McKinsey Global Institute clocks the average worker in at 13 hours each week for email — that’s a whopping 28 percent of work time. Talk about inbox overload. With more […]


  4. 5 Surefire Strategies to Keep Yourself Focused & Accountable - October 22, 2016

    […] from UC Irvine might be of little surprise. Its team of researchers sought to understand the effects of email access on heart rate and focus. Two groups were tracked with heart rate monitors—one with access to […]


  5. Are you Responding Well? - Terry Linhart - November 29, 2016

    […] working statistic is that 28% of a workweek is spent answering Email and that less than half those Emails really […]


  6. 14 Time Saving Apps for Real Estate Agents - PieSync - December 16, 2016

    […] On average, employees spend 28% of their day processing emails. Sanebox helps save time by highlighting important emails and summarizing the rest in a daily digest. Features include auto attachment uploads to the cloud, snooze function, and streamlined organization of no-replies. […]


  7. 9 Powerful Hacks To Stay Super Productive Whilst Doing Niche Marketing In Your Spare Time | Internet Marketing Rich - January 12, 2017

    […] suggest it takes almost 90 seconds to regain focus after reading 1 […]


  8. Buried in an Email Avalanche? Here’s How to Get Out | GNIC Consulting - February 16, 2017

    […] to SaneBox, the McKinsey Global Institute discovered that the average employee spends roughly 13 hours per […]


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