The Benefits of Going Paperless — Tips for Reducing Your Paper Footprint

The Benefits of Going Paperless — Tips for Reducing Your Paper Footprint

We’ve all seen the requests at the bottom of emails, “please consider the environment before printing this email.” It’s a worthy thing, too — paper use has been increasing rapidly over the last twenty years. Here at Sanebox, we think it’s important to treat the environment with respect and minimize how we use natural resources. That’s why we put together this handy guide on minimizing your paper footprint.


Here are some practical steps you can take right now to reduce the amount of paper you’re using.

Email Reminders — Your Secret Weapon to Get Things Done

Email Reminders and March Madness — Your Secret Weapon to Get Things Done (1)


Imagine the situation — sport is your life, your passion. You spend every weekend at local games, in the evenings you voraciously consume games on ESPN. You want to take part in the company sports league. Then, something happens. Maybe you get a promotion at work, or one of your kids is sick. Perhaps you’re planning for a vacation or applying for a job, life gets in the way.

Why Batching Your Email Read and Response is the Most Effective Way to Get Things Done

Why Batching Your Email Read and Response is the Most Effective Way to Get Things Done


Do you dream of the day when your email inbox is empty? Do you wish you could be just a little more productive when it comes to email? Does the sight of your “unread email” counter will you with a cold dread? Well, friends, fear not. Here at SaneBox, we’re on a mission to make managing email faster and more effective.

We’ve already talked about better email subject lines and the “two minutes to done” rule. Today we’re going to add another tool to your email-slaying toolset — the science of batching and improving your response time to email. Read on to get the SaneBox Scoop on how this simple technique will make managing email much easier and help you to be more productive.

Letter from our CEO


We started SaneBox back in 2010 to help people take back control of their email. We had 6 rules that drove us:


  1. SaneBox has to be as secure as humanly possible
  2. The customer shouldn’t have to do or learn anything new
  3. SaneBox has to work everywhere people check their email
  4. SaneBox has to get better over time
  5. SaneBox has to be so valuable that people will happily pay for it
  6. Customer data should never be a source of revenue


These points are still as important and critical to our mission as the day we started building SaneBox. When we started, the Internet was in the freemium phase – nobody wanted to pay for anything online, and it was very unhip to charge for your web service. But, we thought that thinking was short sighted.  After all, if you are not paying for the product, then you ARE the product.

How to Ask for Time Off and Have Your Manager Be Totally Cool With It

time off


Like many workers, you probably spend some of your time at work thinking about not being at work! If that’s the case, how do you go about requesting time off in a way that works for you, your boss, and your team? We’re glad you asked, because here comes the SaneBox scoop on the best way to email your manager to request time off.

The Horrors of The Mis-Sent Email

The Horrors of The Mis-Sent Email


We’ve all done it — sent an email to people we didn’t intend to send it to. There’s nothing quite like that sinking feeling just after you hit “send” and realize you’ve definitely copied in the wrong people. Despite being told time and again to always, always, always check the to, cc, and bcc fields, it’s a very common occurrence. Mind you, we bet your email catastrophe wasn’t as bad as some of these zingers.

How to Email Your Boss and Build a Better Working Relationship


Sometimes it can be tough being an employee, and it can be even tougher being an employee’s boss. We all have to deal with a tremendous amount at work—demanding customers, arcane processes, constant distraction, new policies and more leave us feeling exhausted. Spare a kind thought then for your boss. They have to deal with all that, run their teams, keep their people happy, and experience the joy of people management.