How FLOWN Founder-CEO Soars Above Distractions with SaneBox

Deep work. It’s a period of focused concentration that enables you to do the significant, creative, and, ultimately, fulfilling work that moves your business forward. Think of an elite swimmer committed to making their nation’s Olympic team. They’re fully engaged during training, doing the work that will produce meaningful results.

Top Email Marketing Trends for 2022, According to Experts

How’s that New Year’s resolution to get your inbox in shape going? Remember your plans to transform it into a lean, mean, productivity machine? If sticking to that plan feels especially challenging at the moment, the flood of emails reminding you about your favorite brands’ post-holiday sales is partly to blame.

SaneBox and the Power of an Attorney with a Manageable Inbox

Michele Allinotte of

Behind every legal firm is a mound of paperwork. And while a physical mound of paperwork sounds bad, what if you couldn’t see that mound of critical paperwork because it’s, say, scattered throughout your computer in digital form? Well, that sounds way worse.

How to Throw an Epic Virtual Company Holiday Party People Actually Want to Attend

Pre-pandemic, working from home offered a welcome break from many office workers’ routines. Today, remote work is routine for a large percentage of employees. Gallup research from September 2021 showed 45% of full-time U.S. employees working from home all or part of the time. That means almost half the workforce socializes with colleagues less than before.