What Your Email Habits Say about Your Love Life


Inboxes are like hearts. Everyone has one, and we each have our own way of dealing with its contents.

In fact, how we handle one might provide some clues as to how we handle the other. Relationships are about communication, after all, and what says more about how we communicate than our email habits?

Even psychologists have weighed in on what your email use can reveal about your personality. Keeping a clean inbox can give anxiety sufferers a sense of control, for example, while saving emails can provide a sense of security for the insecure.

Curious to find out what your email habits say about you? Read on to see which email personality fits you best, then let us know what type you are in the comments.

The Archivist

In email: You file every email into a folder and rarely throw anything away. Your archives contain everything from records of eBay purchases to forwards from friends. Your personal motto is, “I might need that someday.”

In love: You cherish each and every person who has passed through your life, and you’ve got the mementos to prove it. You’re the one with shoeboxes of love letters from past flames in your closet, and you’re probably still Facebook friends with some of your exes.

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The Inbox Sweeper

In email: Inbox Zero is your norm; you can’t stand a cluttered inbox. You ruthlessly zap spam and don’t hesitate to unsubscribe when your email volume becomes too cumbersome. Ending the day with an empty inbox helps you sleep at night.

In love: You don’t shy away from confrontation—you deal with issues as they arise. You’re not one to hold a grudge or let things fester. In relationships, you play the role of Felix, keeping things tidy and in order. You might even enjoy long stretches of glorious singlehood. You prefer your life… uncomplicated.

The Tagger

In email: You’ve developed a robust tagging system and religiously tag all of your emails for easy reference.

In love: You thrive on having a certain level of compartmentalization in your life. You keep your relationships neatly categorized, your priorities straight, and your boundaries strong. Your little black book is meticulously organized, with helpful notes in the margins.

The Notification Addict

In email: When you hear that ding of a new email, you immediately drop whatever you’re doing and rush to check your inbox. Doesn’t matter if you’re working on a big project or eating breakfast—you can’t resist finding out what the next email will bring.

In love: You crave connection. New love interests can expect to hear from you often, whether it’s an invitation to have tea or a text to see how their day went. Your ideal partner will reciprocate with text-versations throughout the day, and these conversations might trickle into other platforms like Snapchat or Words With Friends.

The CCer

In email: Emails from you rarely go to just one recipient. You’re the person at the office who routinely copies the whole team. The more people you invite to the conversation, the better—at least that’s how you see it.

In love: A date with you often consists of going out with a group of friends. Wherever you go, you tend to gather people around you. Pinning you down for one-on-one time might be a challenge, but your perfect mate will have a good time trying.

So there you have it—four of the most common types of emailers out there, plus what their tendencies say about their approach to love. Which category do you most identify with? If none of the above, then what fifth category are we missing?

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