Email Management: How is SaneBox Is Different From Google Priority Inbox?

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SaneBox is like a super-smart assistant who’s been with you for years and knows what’s important to you. SaneBox filters unimportant emails out of the inbox and summarizes them in a daily digest for easy processing.


Between intelligent filtering and a suite of productivity features, SaneBox saves the average user 2 – 4 hours each week.


Over the last few years, Gmail and Microsoft have built products that compete with SaneBox and offered them for free, specifically Gmail Tabs, Gmail Inbox and Focused Inbox.


However, they lack power in some key areas.



SaneBox vs. Google Priority Inbox


SaneBox and Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature are similar in the way that they both look at your messages and prior email history with senders. Then, they decide which emails you’re likely to find most important.


When you use the Priority Inbox feature, it separates your email into three tabs: Important and Unread, Starred, and Everything Else. All the mail stays in your inbox, but the “important” messages are at the top.


SaneBox takes it one step more –  it removes less important messages from your inbox completely, moving them to an @SaneLater folder that you can peruse whenever you want. If SaneBox puts an important message into that folder you can move it to your inbox and it remembers the action so the next time you receive a message from that person, it will go to your inbox.


Here are some more reasons why SaneBox is better:





SaneBox works everywhere


Focused Inbox only works with Outlook mobile or on the Outlook web app, and not on any other email client (and it doesn’t work on desktop, either!) Although Clutter currently functions as a folder, it will soon be replaced with Focused Inbox. That means when you jump between a supported and non-supported client, you’re half living in the old email world of a cluttered inbox and half living in a “focused” inbox.


Several factors can still prevent certain Outlook for Windows users from seeing the Focused Inbox in their Windows email client anytime real soon: “In other words, having the right build of Outlook installed on your desktop is only one condition to satisfy before Outlook displays the Focused Inbox.”


Users also report that “Microsoft plans to make the Focused Inbox available to users of on-premises Exchange and non-Microsoft email servers, but the company hasn’t yet fully worked out when this will be possible.”


User frustration exists because “Focused Inbox only works with Outlook and Outlook-app but not with any other mail client, like the iOS mail app.”


SaneBox works anywhere you check email, on any device or client – not just in the Gmail/Office 365 web interface or Google Inbox client.




SaneBox is smarter


Like SaneBox, these services learn from your actions to determine the messages you are likely to ignore. As less important messages arrive, they are automatically moved to a specific folder.


Our customers (>50% of whom are using Gmail) claim that our accuracy is significantly better than that of Inbox – and without any training required.


 This is because our algorithms study the relationship trees in your email history (without ever looking at the content of your emails – for security and privacy reasons) to decide which emails are important to you personally.  Inbox, on the other hand, seems to apply a global set of rules which are not personalized to you.  


To let numbers speak for themselves, if you’re getting at least 60 emails per day, there’s a 52% chance you’ll convert to a paying customer after the free trial (and we don’t ask for a credit card upfront). In other words, we’re not exactly sure why we do a better job, but our customers tend to think it’s worth paying us money for.


Immediately upon sign-up, SaneBox cleans unimportant messages out of the inbox and places them into a folder called @SaneLater. The initial and ongoing filtering is based on users’ individual email habits – which emails they open, which they respond to, how quickly, how often, et cetera – and is based solely on email headers. And you can train SaneBox immediately by moving an email between your Inbox and the SaneLater folders.



SaneBox includes premium tools for productivity


Beyond smart, trainable inbox filtering, SaneBox offers a wealth of email tools:


  • SaneBlackHole – Instantly unsubscribe from annoying marketers, mailing lists and newsletters
  • SaneReminders – Get a reminder if someone doesn’t respond to you
  • SaneSnooze – Snooze non-urgent emails
  • SaneAttachments – Automatically upload attachments to Dropbox, Evernote, Box, etc.
  • SaneDigest – A powerful summary of your SaneFolders, used to quickly process emails: Train, Trash or Archive
  • Custom Training Folders – Folders named the way you want, and you decide what emails belong in them
  • SaneNews – Filter newsletters and other mailing lists into one folder
  • SaneBulk – Collect emails you don’t need to take action upon like receipts and reference emails


…and many more features to enhance your existing email setup.


Google Inbox


✓ Smart filtering

✓ Smart filtering

✓ Reminders

✓ Reminders

✓ Snooze

✓ Snooze

✓ One-click unsubscribe

✓ Email tracking

✓ Smart Attachments

✓ Custom Training Folders

✓ False positive spam protection

✓ Interactive Daily Digest

✓ Detailed analytics dashboard

✓ Advanced Admin Controls

✓ Dedicated Account Manager

✓ Business hours phone support

✓ Active Directory & Salesforce Integration


SaneBox is not free – for a reason!


We’ve created SaneBox to ensure that our service has to be so valuable that people will happily pay for it. As our CEO says, “If you’re not paying for a product, then you ARE the product”. You are our customer, not our product. We will never sell your data to anybody or annoy you with ads. Read more about SaneBox privacy and security here.


Using SaneBox with Other Email Clients


Your email host’s steps may vary but here are just some example instructions of popular hosts that you can forward from:


  1. Gmail
  2. Hotmail
  3. Yahoo
  4. Office365
  5. Exchange



Check out what some of our happy customers have to say about using SaneBox!








Bring Sanity to Your Workplace — Talking to SaneBox



For many workplaces, email is the bane of the people that work there. In an effort to bring sanity and calm to the world of the inbox, our friends over at SaneBox have created a revolutionary approach to managing email. They believe email can be a powerful tool, rather than a necessary burden, and that used well, email can be an incredibly powerful way to communicate.

Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of a Clean Inbox

Does your inbox control your day? An annual Adobe survey showed that the average white-collar office worker spends just over 4 hours per day on their work email. That equates to 20 hours per week, more than 1,000 per year, and an incredible 47,000 hours over the course of their career… that’s 5 years!

Letter from our CEO


We started SaneBox back in 2010 to help people take back control of their email. We had 6 rules that drove us:


  1. SaneBox has to be as secure as humanly possible
  2. The customer shouldn’t have to do or learn anything new
  3. SaneBox has to work everywhere people check their email
  4. SaneBox has to get better over time
  5. SaneBox has to be so valuable that people will happily pay for it
  6. Customer data should never be a source of revenue


These points are still as important and critical to our mission as the day we started building SaneBox. When we started, the Internet was in the freemium phase – nobody wanted to pay for anything online, and it was very unhip to charge for your web service. But, we thought that thinking was short sighted.  After all, if you are not paying for the product, then you ARE the product.

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