What Inbox Zero Really Means + How to Get There

Inbox Zero is more than just “having no emails in your Inbox”. The phrase Inbox Zero also represents the method we recommend to help you consistently manage your inbox.

We advise using a five step process in which to evaluate new mail. When a new email arrives in your inbox, take one of the following actions: either delete or archive the email depending on your preference, delegate the work to another contact, defer the response until a later date using SaneBox defer folders, respond if the reply will take less than two minutes, or do the job yourself if you have the time available when you read the message. With this process you will never again have to read an email twice. Let’s take a deeper look at each step of the process.

Delete an email if you know that you will never need to read it again, and


Defer Folders.

A Study, by the Danwood Group, found that it takes an average of 1.5 minutes to read and recover from an email. If an employee is alerted every 5 minutes when new mail arrives in their inbox they can expect up to 96 interruptions in a regular 8-hour workday. Scheduling specific times during the day to check email will erase the constant stress of email interruptions, and will improve your overall productivity.

A study conducted by researchers from U.C. Irvine and the U.S. Army found that when employees are away from their email, stress levels decrease and employee focus increases,

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