Perfect Email Templates for Communicating with Your Boss



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Unless you’re the top banana in your business, there will be numerous occasions every week when you need to email your boss. Whether it’s giving them updates, sharing information, asking for time off, getting answers, or (gulp!) admitting to a mistake, here are the email templates you need.


We covered the general principles of emailing your boss in a couple of previous articles:


How to email your boss and build a better working relationship.

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We recommend you read those articles first so you’ve got some useful context for these templates and when you might choose to use each one. We worked with our good friends over at Recruiterbox to put these together, since they know a thing or two about helping people work together effectively. If you need some effective business guides that are dead simple to implement, look no further.



Email Templates You Will Find Here


These are the topics these email templates are going to cover.


Confirming you’ve completed a task.

Sharing information on a regular basis.

Requesting an extension.

Admitting to an error or mistake.

Asking for information and answers to questions.

Thanking your boss.

Asking for time off.



General Guidance for Writing to Your Boss


The style and tone you use will depend on your relationship with your boss, whether it’s professional and formal, informal and chatty, or somewhere in between.

Choose the style and tone that will “land” best with your boss, bearing in mind the type of email you are going to write.

Keep subject lines short and concise and include the most important information there.

Get straight to the point, avoid waffling.

Use short paragraphs and ensure you only cover one or two points in each paragraph.

Use bulleted or numbered lists if it makes sense.

Sign off with a “thank you” or “best.”


Email Template for Confirming You Have Completed a Task


Purpose — to let your boss know you’ve completed a one-off or routine task that they need to know about.


Subject line — Task Completed — [task title and short description]


“[Name of boss],

The task you assigned to me [task title] [task description] was completed on [date].

[Include here any further information your boss would find useful such as issues, next actions, timescales, or dependencies.]

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like further information, otherwise, no response is needed.


[Your name]”


Email Template for Sharing Information


Purpose — to let your boss have access to certain information and insights.


Subject line — FYI — [type of information you’re sharing] [any action needed] [unique identifier like date or number]



“[Name of boss],

I’m sharing the following information with you. [link to information, paste into the email if short, or attach it].

This information shows [provide a brief description providing a short overview and two or three key points].

After you have reviewed this information, please can you [list any actions your boss needs to take or questions you have].

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like further information, otherwise, no response is needed.


[Your name]”


Email Template for Requesting an Extension


Purpose — to request more time to complete a particular task or project.


Subject line — Request for extension [task or project] to [new deadline date]



“[Name of boss],

I need to request an extension for [name of task or project] [project description].

I would like to propose a new deadline of [new deadline date] and am confident the work will be completed by that time.

I need to request an extension because [list reasons for extension, e.g. other priorities, changing scope etc.]

I have already taken the following actions to move this task forward. [list actions].

Please let me know if you agree to this extension or if you have any questions.


[Your name]”


Email Template for Admitting to an Error or Mistake


Purpose — to admit to an error or mistake you have made.


Subject line — Issues with [area], actions being taken to resolve.



“[Name of boss],

Unfortunately, I have not been able to complete [name of task], [description of task] to the [time, quality, speed etc.] agreed.

The reasons for this are [list reasons]. I have taken steps to fix this issue and stop it happening again, including [list steps you are taking].

I expect the task to now be completed by [date].

I apologize for not being able to complete this task as expected and will make sure I avoid issues like this in future.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information.


[Your name]”


Email Template for Asking for Information


Purpose — requesting information and answers from your boss


Subject line — Information needed [area and short description of information]



“[Name of boss],

I need you to send me information on [be specific about the information you need]. In particular, I am interested in [list any key areas where you need particular info].

I have the following questions [list key questions] and have already used the following resources to try and answer them [list resources].

Please send me the information and let me know if you can answer these questions.


[Your Name].”



Email Template for Thanking Your Boss


Purpose — to thank your boss for something they have done


Subject line — Thank you for [list area you are grateful for]


“[Name of boss],

Thank you for your assistance with [area]. Your help with [specific actions they took] meant [you learned something, were able to complete work more effectively, or other benefits].

I appreciate you using your time and expertise to help me and let me [develop my skills, complete the task, etc.]


[Your Name]”


Email Template for Requesting Time Off


Purpose — to ask for time off


Subject line — Request for time off [date from and to] inclusive


“[Name of boss]

I would like to take time off between [start date and end date].

I have already spoken with [names of colleagues] to ensure that my time off won’t clash with anyone else’s. In my absence [colleague name] will be acting as my deputy and covering my work. I have fully briefed and trained them.

I will also get ahead on my work before I go and expect to complete the following prior to my time off. [list expected status of key projects, tasks, or work].

I will ensure that my entire workload is handled properly in my absence.


[Your name]”



And there you have it, seven super-helpful templates for emailing your boss like a pro! Remember, for more helpful information on business guides, recruitment, and building better business relationships, hop across to Recruiterbox.