Listen Now: Stop Email Overload [The Productivity Show]

Productivity Show Podcast - Dmitri Leonov of SaneBox

“We’ve said it on this podcast before: email is a necessary evil.”

That quote is from our friends over Asian Efficiency, an online hub for productivity hackers who want to get as much as they can out of every day.

They recently invited SaneBox’s Vice President of Growth, Dmitri Leonov, to be a guest on their Productivity Show podcast. This topic? How to shift your habits so that necessary evil—email—works for you, not against you.

SaneBox Success Story: How Emily Finally Won the Battle Against Her Inbox

“I’ve been fighting a losing battle against my inbox for 4 or 5 years…I was having serious problems with losing urgent emails. I was just lost in all the clutter.”

SaneBox Review From Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society

Emily spends her days encouraging space enthusiasts to explore the final frontier. But somehow she kept getting lost in the outer limits of her inbox.

As the senior editor and planetary evangelist for the Planetary Society—a nonprofit organization dedicated to space research and exploration—Emily blogs about everything from drilling on Mars to the moons that orbit Pluto. She also writes about space science for Sky & Telescope Magazine. From the latest planetary news to emails from her nonprofit’s membership base, she’s got a lot to keep track of.

Staring into the vastness of space? Fascinating. Staring into her inbox? Terrifying.

Triage: A trick that has saved millions of lives and works wonders for Inbox Zero

Bill Liao Email Triage Quote

Post highlights:

  • The key to a powerful flow is to reduce the number of incomplete things in your life.
  • You have a huge level of control over your email if you choose to take hold of it
  • Email is not broken we just use it the wrong way. The trick is triage.
  • It is a mistake to think that by leaving an important email in your inbox you will handle it.

Guest post by Bill Liao, Co-founder of and Indie.Bio, Founder of

Motivation is like a well spring, it flows from deep within you and flows strongest when you are in a mindful flow state during your day.

Every incomplete thing in your awareness disturbs your flow which then has the knock on effect of reducing / killing your motivation.

The key then to a powerful flow is to reduce the number of incomplete things in your life.

Most people see external causes for the incomplete things in their lives and thus each new incompletion is doubly disempowering.

Email on the surface looks like the ultimate, uncontrollable, external influence.

The truth is far different. You have a huge level of control over your email if you choose to take hold of it.

Conquer Your Inbox in 10 Minutes a Day With the Inbox Zero Academy

SaneBox Inbox Zero Academy Diploma Seal

Here at SaneBox, we are firm believers in lifelong learning. And, in case you couldn’t tell, we’re also big fans of productivity. Because one of today’s biggest detriments to productivity is email, we decided to combine our love for learning with what we know best: how to stop wasting your life in your inbox so you can focus on the things that really matter. The result? Our brand new tried and true Inbox Zero Academy.

What is the Inbox Zero Academy?

The efficiency playbook: Time-saving strategies from 3 top business leaders

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