The 3 Email Commandments


1. Stop playing Tetris

Email is like Tetris. No matter how fast you are, there’s always more coming, and faster. An average person today sends and receives 122 business emails per day. By 2019 it will be at least 126 per day and doesn’t even include your personal email. Since days in 2019 will still only be 24 hours long, something has to change—you. You need to change the way you think about email, and the way you process it.

2. Don’t let email be your #1 priority

How to get to Inbox Zero every day with SaneBox email management

An average person today spends 13 hours/week processing email – that’s 30% of our working time spent on a completely reactive activity! And “doing email” is only in your job description if you’re doing customer service

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When you provide an email tool that helps people take back control of their inbox, they tend to develop a certain fondness towards you. 

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Brian Witlin, Shopwell

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