Gini Dietrich From Spin Sucks On How To Make Email Less Terrible

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Searching For A Solution For Email Overwhelm  

Gini Dietrich, a Chicago native who boasts an impressive resume and wears many hats day-to-day, was drowning in emails related to her various projects. She not only runs a PR firm aptly named Arment Dietrich, but is also the founder, author, and host of Spin Sucks, which started as a blog, then became a book and podcast, and now offers professional development to marketers around the globe. Kind of a lot to keep track of! 


In addition to her work as a PR professional and founder, Gini juggles being both a mom and a competitive cycler. With so much to do, she had trouble finding a way to shuffle through the noise of her inbox and locate the high-priority emails that actually pertained to her many activities.  


[Email] used to be impossible to keep up with, no matter how hard I tried. If I kept it at Inbox Zero — which, to me, means answering what can be answered, deleting what doesn’t need to be there, and moving everything else to a to-do list—I easily spent 12-15 hours a week on email alone. That is just not acceptable, yet if I didn’t spend that kind of time, it piled up and I missed deadlines.”

Creating Mental Space Through Email Automation 

Gini knew that spending countless hours digging through her inbox was not conducive to a life she wanted to live. She needed to find a solution, but didn’t have an abundance of time to set up custom folders in her inbox and create rules for how emails are processed. 


Since lack of time was the biggest hindrance to her productivity, she wanted to find a way to free up more time for herself and spend less time on email in general. So, she turned to SaneBox. 


Within the first few days of using SaneBox, Gini remembered being completely amazed – the difference was immediate. She recalled, “In the first week or so, I had an all-day meeting and couldn’t attend to my inbox. I opened it the next morning to 21 emails in my inbox. I was flabbergasted. Only 21 emails? Could that be right?” 


Gini fell in love immediately, because she found exactly the solution she was looking for – a service that handles all of your emails for you automatically and prioritizes them. If you get a new email in your inbox, it pays attention to how you interact with it. If you delete it without reading, it moves into a folder for you. If you open and read it the first few times and then not again, it moves it into a different folder for you. “The ability to free up that kind of time—and that mental space—is worth every, shiny penny,” she said. 


Image courtesy of Gini Dietrich

Hitting Inbox Zero With Drastically Less Effort 

Now that Gini is a SaneBox power-user (she even wrote an ode to it a few years ago) she is implementing more advanced hacks in her email workflow. Recently, she added Superhuman on top of SaneBox because of their single key shortcuts. Now her email is supercharged. “SaneBox has made it incredibly easy to get through my inbox quickly and Superhuman makes it so I can answer and archive emails with the stroke of just a couple of keys,” said Gini. 


Gini is also a big Inbox Zero fan and is thrilled to hit her goal every single day. She attributes her massively reduced stress levels and increased ability to be productive to SaneBox. So much so, that when people ask me what her secret is, she’s always happy to yell, “YOU HAVE TO GET SANEBOX!”



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