How To Build The Ultimate Email Productivity Suite


Building the Ultimate Productivity Suite

Email is still THE most important communication tool in your business arsenal. It’s the ultimate point of authentication for the modern world — from cloud app, subscriptions to social media and beyond. It’s how All of your subscriptions and services keep you in the loop. It’s how businesses work and collaborate — even collaboration tools and project management apps use email identification and notifications.


Whether you are a business looking to help your employees become more productive or a technology service provider looking for the best way to build value and satisfaction for your customers, you need five email tools in your tech stack to build the perfect email productivity suite:


  • The Email Platform
  • Email Productivity Tools
  • Email File & Image Attachment Storage
  • Email Security Tools
  • Email Backup & Archiving

Choosing Your Primary Email Platform Service

Everyone used to think of email as a stand-alone communication tool. But we live in the age of the platform, and email is no exception. Email is a platform that you can custom configure and add additional services to make you work smarter and more efficiently. You need to start with an email service that was built for the new hyper-productive world we live in, and today that means a secure cloud-based solution with a powerful API that makes it easy to connect to your other email products and services.


There are several email solutions that do this, and we have made integrations for most of them. But by far, the largest and most successful are Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s Gmail. And these are also the most popular with service providers who are looking to build end-to-end email solutions for their customers. Not only are they preferred because of their service and integration potential, but also because they are supported with full development teams that keep them maintained and secure.


Editor’s Pick: Microsoft Office 365 Email

A few years ago, Gmail was winning the email market. But Microsoft has surged ahead in features, service, and support of their partner community.


Email Productivity Tools

Right now, there are 4.1 billion people using email to send nearly 310 billion emails every single day. That’s 75 emails each. Businesses users have even more. The average business email user receives 120 emails per day. We have to admit, some days even that number seems low.


The problem is that some of those emails are really important and others are not. Being able to take advantage of AI to help you keep everything sorted is super-important and can save a ton of time every single day and make sure that nothing gets missed. Additional features and fully supported integrations make building an email solution stack easy and delivers a great ROI.


That’s Why We Built SaneBox

SaneBox delivers a long list of services and features to let email become productive again. And our solution is built with the users and service provider partners in mind. The proof is in customer satisfaction and industry-leading retention and conversion rates.


Email File & Image Attachment Storage

Email is great at delivering text content. Email is not-so great to manage all of those attachments. Things like images and documents not only bog down your inboxes and take up valuable gigabytes of storage space, but they can be hard to find again when you need them.


That’s one of the reasons third-party file storage and management services have become so valuable and popular. We’ve integrated with all of the more popular services — such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Box, and IBM’s Smart Cloud — to let service providers and customers choose the integration that’s right for them. You can configure your SaneBox to automatically save all attachments that you receive directly to your storage solution of choice. And you can also set it to automatically save your outbound attachments to your storage and add a text link to the email so you do not blow-up the inboxes of anyone who receives it.


Editor’s Pick: Dropbox

Dropbox storage is an industry leader and has a large number of integrations. Customer satisfaction is high, so this increases user satisfaction and customer loyalty.


Email Security Tools

As long as we’ve had email, there have been people trying to exploit it. Not only do businesses need to keep their emails safe from intrusions, they need to protect their employees from malware and viruses. These days, security is a high priority.


Internet and data security are the fastest growing segments of the tech market. That means that there are a lot of choices out there. Two of our favorite providers are Acronis and DropSuite. Both of them have superior solutions designed to be delivered as a service.


Editor’s Pick: Acronis

Acronis began as a data achieving service. But they have grown to develop a complete suite of security solutions. Now, with a new influx of market support and investment they are pushing ahead of the competition. And they have a top-notch partner team to help service providers deliver Acronis products to their customers.


Email Backup & Archiving

The leading email services like the ones at the top of this article have redundant networks and great track records of not losing data. So, why do you need to provide email backup and archiving solutions?


Even in the cloud, data failures do occur. But with every business user receiving 120 emails per day, it is simply not possible to keep them all. Users have to unload their inboxes and file folders to save storage space. Some email services do this automatically based on the age of the email. But there is also the human element. The wrong email or wrong email folder can accidentally get deleted. Your employees and business customers expect to have a way to protect themselves from these hazards.


There are several well-regarded email backup and archive solutions delivered as a service. The three top solutions are Acronis, Dropsuite, and Skykick.


Editor’s Pick: Skykick

Acronis and Dropsuite both offer solid email archiving, backup, and restoration. Skykick does too, but they couple this service with a top-rated email migration service. This makes it easy for service providers to provide a great user experience on-boarding new customers, even when they are moving between email platforms.


Email … Accomplished

If you are a technology service provider delivering email to your customers as a service, assembling a complete tech stack with the five tools will build satisfaction and loyalty as your solution is recognized as a comprehensive, premium email offering that lets your customers choose the upgraded features they want. If you are a business, a complete solution will protect your business, data, and employees and make everyone who uses email more productive.


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about building up the best email productivity suite for your service or organization, just let us know. We’re always happy to help.