Founder And CEO Cathy Curtis Kicks Email Distractions To The Curb

Cathy Curtis has a lot on her plate. 

As the Founder and CEO of Curtis Financial Planning, Inc, a 20-year-old independent financial advisory firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she wears lots of different hats and consistently juggles competing priorities. Her firm helps individuals, primarily women and their families, with financial planning and investment management, and their mission is to partner with their clients to help them make smart decisions with their money so that they reach their goals and live a life free of money worries.

Gini Dietrich From Spin Sucks On How To Make Email Less Terrible

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Searching For A Solution For Email Overwhelm  

Gini Dietrich, a Chicago native who boasts an impressive resume and wears many hats day-to-day, was drowning in emails related to her various projects. She not only runs a PR firm aptly named Arment Dietrich, but is also the founder, author, and host of Spin Sucks, which started as a blog, then became a book and podcast, and now offers professional development to marketers around the globe. Kind of a lot to keep track of! 


In addition to her work as a PR professional and founder, Gini juggles being both a mom and a competitive cycler. With so much to do, she had trouble finding a way to shuffle through the noise of her inbox and locate the high-priority emails that actually pertained to her many activities.  

North Thurston Public Schools Gets Out Of Email Overwhelm And Takes Back Their Time For Their Students With SaneBox

Executive Director of Student Support – Karen Remy-Anderson


North Thurston Public School System in Lacey, WA serves over 14,500 students across 22 schools. Their staff of 2000 is dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction to their students, but they found email was taking away invaluable time—time that could have been spent on education and student support. They needed a solution to their email problem—and they found it in SaneBox.


Losing time to unnecessary emails


North Thurston Public Schools is a school district in the city of Lacey, WA. Currently, the school system has 22 schools; a student body of over 14,500; and a staff of 2000. With so many schools and students to support, the district is always looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency—and they saw a massive opportunity with their email.

University of Arizona School of Architecture “Builds” The Perfect Email Overload Solution With SaneBox

Home to some of the best undergraduate and graduate architecture programs in the country, the University of Arizona School of Architecture needed to improve communications between staff, faculty, and students. They looked to “build” the perfect solution with SaneBox.


Struggling to build the right system


The University of Arizona School of Architecture deals with a high-volume of daily emails. Between faculty, staff, University representatives, prospective and current students, messages were coming in around the clock – and because the team had no system in place to manage the influx of emails, they were spending hours each day trying to keep up with their inboxes.

Xzito Hacks Their Way To Increased Productivity and Better Email Management With SaneBox

Marketing and technology agency Xzito is the authority on growth. But when their problems with email management and productivity started to grow out of control, they knew they needed the authority on email to get things back in line—and that’s when they found SaneBox.


Email issues were a drain on productivity


Internet marketing agency Xzito was already using various marketing hacks to help their clients grow and scale. But internally, they were always on the market for hacks to up their own productivity—particularly when it came to email.

Intuit Research Takes Their Time Back With SaneBox

Boutique market research company Intuit Research was losing countless hours trying to manage their email. But then they took their time back—with SaneBox.


Losing time to unmanageable inboxes


When it came to identifying their company’s biggest productivity hurdle, there wasn’t a doubt in Intuit Research Co-founder Thomas Isaac’s mind as to where their team could improve. The Intuit Research team was spending hours each day filtering through unwanted messages, deleting unnecessary emails, and trying to make sure no important communications fell through the cracks. In general, spending time on unimportant emails, even if it is to just delete them [was taking up too much time],” says Isaac.

TechMD Prioritizes Teamwork by Organizing Their Inboxes with SaneBox


From cloud services to data security, TechMD helps businesses leverage technology to maximize efficiency. So it was especially important they find a way to streamline their own inboxes. SaneBox was the answer to all their email problems.