Automatically forward emails to your favorite apps and teams

sanebox automatic email forwarding

We’ve teamed up with, Evernote, Expensify, Todoist, and many others to bring you simple (and simply awesome) email forwarding.

Meet SaneFwd, an easy way to automate email forwarding to your favorite third-party apps and team members.

So what is SaneFwd all about?

  • Automatically turning emails into tasks with and Todoist
  • Automatically saving emails and attachments to your Evernote
  • Automatically forwarding receipts to Expensify
  • Automatically forwarding trip itineraries to Kayak
  • Automatically forwarding certain emails to certain friends or colleagues
  • Automatically… (you get the idea)

Why automated email forwarding?

Email continues to be the major communication channel in our personal and professional lives. We receive bank statements, rideshare receipts, travel itineraries, work reports, industry newsletters, and so much more on a daily basis. Sometimes these items are fine living in our inboxes and Sane Folders; other times, however, they are better off being automatically sent elsewhere for action to be taken.

Think about what happens when you leave a task-related email or a to-read newsletter in your inbox. They distract you, add to your general sense of email overwhelm, and are far more likely to be forgotten and never acted upon. This approach doesn’t help you get things done and the process of manually turning the emails into tasks or notes takes time and is easy to forget or put off.

Not ideal.

Enter, SaneFwd.

How does SaneFwd help?

Our latest email simplification tool helps you quickly avoid the problems above. Starting today, you can train emails to automatically forward to services and email addresses that are important to you.

Receive electronic bills for your home or business? Teach SaneBox to automatically turn them into tasks in your or Todoist task manager. Want certain newsletters automatically added to your Evernote notebook? Done. Get a new work-related receipt via email? Poof! It’s already been turned into an expense report in Expensify. The possibilities are endless.

How do you get started?

Ready to get started with SaneFwd? Check out this support article for additional info and a rundown on set-up instructions. As always, our customer success team is here to help. Just send us a note at

Happy emailing and happy forwarding.

– Team SaneBox

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