Taking the Android Email Experience to the Next Level

SaneBox & MailDroid for Android Email

We have a new integration and it’s going to make Android users very happy.

If you haven’t already, meet MailDroid.

MailDroid is one of the longest-running email clients in the Google Play Store, has great reviews, and has lots of features other email clients omit (e.g. encryption and swipe action customization). With today’s new integration with SaneBox, we love MailDroid even more.

So why does SaneBox + MailDroid = the best Android email experience yet?

We’re glad you asked.

Like SaneBox, MailDroid works with pretty much any existing email provider and service.

Open your SaneBox digest within the MailDroid app for a seamless experience.

Customize swipe options to quickly process email and send them to your most used Sane Folders.

Use the “move many” option to select any number of emails and move them to a Sane Folder.

Android Email App for SaneBox
The “move many” option lets you select any number of emails and move them to a Sane Folder.


Easily add one or all SaneBox-monitored email accounts into MailDroid and see your accounts and folders in a clean interface.

Use the free version of MailDroid or upgrade to Pro—whichever is best for you works with us.

And more.

We have used SaneBox for some time now and it has greatly improved our lives! We no longer have to sift through hundreds of junk emails daily in our inbox and can easily get to the important ones instantly. Adding SaneBox integration into MailDroid just made sense as it is fits in with MailDroid supporting great features to make email more useful for people. As far as email services go, SaneBox is definitely a must have for anyone who gets a lot of email,” Joe Langley, MailDroid

Questions? We’re always here at support@sanebox.com. Now go forth, download your new favorite Android email app (Free | Pro), and then add SaneBox to it.

Happy emailing.

About SaneBox

Remember when email used to make your life easier, not harder? SaneBox gets you back to that state so you can focus on the things that actually matter. Take charge of your productivity today by signing up for a 14-day free trial.

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