There are so many ways to use SaneReminders—Here are our favorites!


From how we process incoming messages to how we organize them, we all tackle email differently. This means that many features of an email tool like SaneBox can be used in varying ways. With that in mind, we decided to crowd source ideas from the SaneBox gang and bring you our favorite ways to use SaneReminders. When you finish reading them, please be sure to share your favorites in the comments below!

SaneReminders: Use your email to remember everything

Remember that SaneReminders has two main use cases. The first is to receive a reminder if someone doesn’t reply to a message you sent him by a certain time, and the second is to send yourself a reminder for just about anything you can think of. The beauty of SaneReminders is that the email thread used with the reminder will pop back into your Inbox at the time you want, meaning you have the context right in front of you.

(Need a quick refresher on SaneReminders? Click here.)

Here’s how our team uses SaneReminders:


  • <morning.of.a.big.trip> — I just look at my itinerary and forward it to the day of the trip and send it to the morning I’m leaving
  • – pay credit card bills
  • – review dashboards
  • – review high level goals
  • – don’t forget flowers/chocolates!


  • for urgent items
  • for when I know the person will be slow to respond and the item isn’t urgent
  • for awesome emails I want to reread or need for reference
  • – materials for my 10am meeting



  • – same-day follow-ups or important tasks that need to be finished
  • – deal with tomorrow
  • – quality time with kids (turn off phone after receiving this!)

So there you have it—some of our go-to ways to use SaneReminders to make sure we always remember to revisit an important article, buy a birthday present, catch our flight, follow up on an email at the right time, and so much more.

Your turn! Please share your favorite way to use SaneReminders in the comments.

As always, happy emailing from the Team at SaneBox.

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