How a Leading Social Media Ad Company Took on Email Overload—And Won


“SaneBox is a really nifty tool. I think it’s one of the best things that happened to email in the last decade,” Vaibhav Mathur, Product Manager, Ampush

As a leading and rapidly growing in-feed social media advertising company, Ampush sprouted from 20 employees to over 100 in just two short years. This was a great accomplishment, to be sure, but with rapid success came new challenges, one of which was communication.

Recognizing email as the biggest communication tool at Ampush, CEO Jesse Pujji knew it was crucial to empower his team to use it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“I never will go a day without responding to all my email to make sure people have what they need in terms of information,” he explained. “I was on a quest to find all the tools that would help me do that better, and I came across SaneBox.”

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At the most basic level, SaneBox saves users hours each week by learning which emails deserve to be front and center in your inbox and which emails should be placed in a save-for-later (or “SaneLater”) folder. This method not only keeps interruptions to a minimum, but it also ensures that no important message is overlooked.

“[Email] took a lot of time out of my day because everything was in my inbox,” recalls senior media analyst Andrew Grillo. “I had to make a bunch of filters manually per what was important and what was not and with different clients as well. I’ve been using SaneBox for around ten months now. It’s been really great. It’s really easy just to see the important ones and just look at the filtered ones later.”

Product manager Vaibhav Mathur agrees. “It helps me distinguish between what is important and what’s not. I can effectively process all of my urgent and important email and communicate effectively with my peers.”

Beyond automatic, intuitive filtering, SaneBox’s suite of productivity features includes the ability to set highly customizable reminders, to snooze emails for a later time, to unsubscribe from email lists with one click, and much more. SaneBox for Business goes even further, providing Salesforce integration and in-depth insights on individual and team email usage and effectiveness.

Co-Founder and COO Nick Shah points to the resulting gamification that stems from the analytics:

“We use it as kind of a gamification tool. We take those insights and share on our internal collaboration tool. It demonstrates to the rest of the company that this particular productivity tool is an important part of working at the company.”

Watch the video in its entirety to see how “SaneBox just makes email better,” then schedule a demo with an experienced SaneBox Client Success Representative to see what SaneBox can do for your organization.

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