How a Leading Social Media Ad Company Took on Email Overload—And Won


“SaneBox is a really nifty tool. I think it’s one of the best things that happened to email in the last decade,” Vaibhav Mathur, Product Manager, Ampush

As a leading and rapidly growing in-feed social media advertising company, Ampush sprouted from 20 employees to over 100 in just two short years. This was a great accomplishment, to be sure, but with rapid success came new challenges, one of which was communication.

4 Glorious Email Rules That Will Rescue Your Sanity


Bill Gates once said the first rule of using technology is that when you automate an efficient activity, you magnify its efficiency—and when you automate an inefficient activity, you magnify its inefficiency.

That’s especially true for email. When used efficiently, it’s a powerful productivity tool. When used poorly, it’s a huge drain on your time and mental performance.