How SaneBox Email Management Helps Marketers Increase Productivity

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The life of an average Internet marketer is usually full of emails. Whether they are creating newsletters, sending out messages to prospects or replying to customers, before they know it they are up to their necks in emails. Now, wouldn’t it be great if there were some sort of email management solution that could help free up a marketer’s time? Allowing them to reduce the amount of time spent managing their emails to focus on the real important stuff?

Gee whiz, if only such a thing existed… oh wait, it does, and it’s called SaneBox!

How SaneReminders can help marketers

SaneReminders is a super advanced but amazingly easy-to-use system of notifying marketers when a recipient fails to respond to an email. It can also be used when they need to refer or remind themselves of an email in the future. SaneReminders offers marketers the following:

Remind them when someone fails to reply – To throw out an example, let’s use Bob the marketer as our model. Bob sent out an email on Monday and he needs it to be answered by the recipient before 5pm on Thursday. Bob could write this down on a sticky note or in his calendar, but that takes too long and he may end up forgetting to check anyway, he is an extremely busy marketer after all.

Solution: SaneBox! SaneReminders alerts marketers when their emails are not answered by a certain date. In the example above, if Bob used SaneBox, he would only need to type the following in the BCC email line: If the recipient failed to respond by 5pm on Thursday, Bob will receive an instant notification via SaneBox telling him so. If they responded, no alerts are sent. Simple!

Any combination of dates and time will work, so whether marketers need a reply in 10 minutes or 10 months, SaneReminders has your back.

Defer emails – It’s quite common for marketers to receive emails that don’t require their immediate attention or emails they need to be reminded about in the future. Whether it’s remembering a partner’s birthday or needing more time to make a decision, marketers can defer emails that don’t require immediate action to a future date. Marketers can select the time or date they wish to be reminded on, and like just magic, the email will pop to the top of their inbox on their selected date.

In a nutshell, SaneReminders is the all-in-one solution to help manage, remind and keep marketers on top of their emails. Using a calendar, sticky notes, or a personal diary is so 2014. Join the 21st century and let SaneReminders take care of everything.

Sane Attachments

When receiving as many as a hundred emails per day, searching through the abyss that is a marketer’s inbox to find certain attachments is not only frustrating but time-consuming. Reports, videos, documents and spreadsheets all take up valuable space in an ever-shrinking inbox. This results in marketers constantly deleting emails or saving important attachment elsewhere. What a waste of time!

If only marketers knew of Sane Attachments! The awesome email solution to keep their inbox’s small in size, while instantly uploading email attachments to either Box, IBM Smart Cloud or Dropbox to replace large attachments with simple URL links.

This feature is ideal for marketers who use mobile devices to send emails as it saves a huge amount of time when sending or receiving large attachments over 3G.

Marketers can leverage the features offered by SaneBox to reduce the time spent searching around in their inbox while increasing work efficiency and productivity to get more things done in less time.

Who we are:

SaneBox is an all-in-one email management solution that organizes your inbox, giving you the time to focus on the important work instead of sorting through non-urgent emails. SaneBox offers email filtering, one-click unsubscribe, follow-up reminders, and much more. Go »

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