All the things you didn’t know you could do with SaneBox

sanebox email management tricks

We recently found out that some of our customers (we won’t point fingers) don’t know about many of our awesome features. That made us sad, so we decided to write this post to right this wrong.


This one is a must for any productive professional. If you want to make sure the recipient of your email gets back to you by tomorrow at 9am, just CC or BCC If you don’t get a reply by that time, SaneBox will send you a reminder to follow up. You can put pretty much any timeframe (3days@, dec.31@, monday@ etc.).

If you want a reminder regardless of receiving a reply, just add “keep” to the address (

You can also forward an email TO a SaneReminder address and it will reappear in your Inbox at the time you specify. Here’s more about SaneReminders.


Never forget to follow up on emails you sent! In addition to using SaneReminders to stay on top of individual emails, you can also track all of your unanswered outgoing messages in one place. SaneNoReplies is a folder that contains all the emails you sent over the last four weeks that were not replied to. We recommend skimming through this folder periodically to follow up on any loose ends. Check out this blog post to learn more about SaneNoReplies »

Change the names of Sane folders right in your email client/program

That’s right! Don’t want SaneLater to be called SaneLater anymore? Just go to wherever you check your email and change it to whatever you want: Later, Unimportant, 123… Dancing Shark…whatever you like! We do recommend keeping the @ or + to make sure it stays at the top of your folder list. We’ll notice the change and continue filtering unimportant emails to your newly named folder.

Setting up an Auto Reply

We now offer an option to send out an auto-reply to your contact to let them know that you received their email and will respond to them shortly. To enable this feature, follow these steps, here.

Salesforce Integration

Do you use Salesforce? You should enable this integration stat. This way, emails from your Salesforce leads and contacts will always stay in your Inbox.

Intelligence Settings

If you’re happy with the “aggressiveness” of our filtering, you don’t have to do anything, but if not—there’s an easy solution. You can just adjust your Intelligence Settings:

  • Minimal Interruptions: (default): SaneBox predicts the priority of new inbound email based on contact importance
  • Allow Interruptions from Strangers: SaneBox leaves email from new contacts in Inbox but predicts the rest
  • Everything Stays, Until You Train It: Train SaneBox where all contacts should go. No prediction is used here.

You can adjust the Intelligence Settings on your Advanced Filtering page.

Subject Filtering

The Trainings & Filters page is pretty magical. All of the following features are found there. With Subject filtering, you can direct emails with certain keywords in the subject to a particular Sane folder. For example, anything with the word “pitch” in the subject can go to SaneBlackHole. But anything with the word “please” should stay in your Inbox (as you know, “please” is the magic word”).

Domain Filtering

Want to make sure employees of a particular company always arrive in your Inbox? Or in Trash? Then Domain Filtering is for you.

Auto-reply management

Do you hate auto-replies as much as we do? On the Advanced Filtering page, you can send them straight to SaneLater (or even SaneBlackHole!) and you won’t be forced to feel jealous of your colleague’s well-deserved vacation.

Snooze folders, SaneBlackHole, Custom folders, SaneAttachments etc.

We don’t have to go there, do we? Eeeeverybody knows about these. Right? OK, here’s a refresher. You can learn more about them on your SaneBox Dashboard.


Have you found new ways to use SaneBox features to power your inbox? Let us know by tweeting to us @SaneBox or on our Facebook page at

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