9 Common Email Signature Mistakes You Want To Avoid

We are a culture of email senders! The average professional sends about 40 emails each day, and 86 percent say they prefer email over any other means of business communication. Using a dynamic email signature is an easy and effective way to promote your business with each email you send. The most effective email signatures feature clickable content such as calls-to-action, social media buttons and more, like this one:

How SaneBox Email Management Helps Marketers Increase Productivity

email management for marketers

The life of an average Internet marketer is usually full of emails. Whether they are creating newsletters, sending out messages to prospects or replying to customers, before they know it they are up to their necks in emails. Now, wouldn’t it be great if there were some sort of email management solution that could help free up a marketer’s time? Allowing them to reduce the amount of time spent managing their emails to focus on the real important stuff?

Gee whiz, if only such a thing existed… oh wait, it does, and it’s called SaneBox!