The weekend is finally here! Throughout the day, emails can pile up for work that needs to be done starting Monday. A great way to defer emails until then—or if we’re honest, Sunday at the latest—is by using SaneReminders or @SaneNextWeek folder. By simply forwarding emails to the, the email will arrive in your inbox at that time. If you drag the email to your @SaneNextWeek folder, it will arrive at 9am on Monday. Now you can spend your entire Saturday at the beach, resting assured that your emails will arrive when you’re ready.

Regrettably, you may still end up with numerous non-urgent emails cluttering your inbox. When this happens, the application TextExpander can be very useful. This application lets you create little acronyms, which automatically expand into a sentence or a paragraph. This application is helpful when writing a frequently used sentence. For example, if you want to reply to the ever-expanding office thread to say “I will follow up with you on Monday. Have a great weekend!” type a snippet you created (ex. GrW or FUM), and the entire message will appear. Now hopefully your co-workers will understand that you truly want to have a great weekend!


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