Organize Your Inbox with These Email Filters


Annoying marketing emails, newsletters, and spam don’t deserve to take up valuable space in your inbox. 


That’s where filters come in – they let you automatically move unimportant emails and batch them so you never have to see them first thing when you check your inbox. In the same way, they move emails from important contacts into a priority queue so you always see those messages immediately. 


Filters help you create rules for how your inbox handles new messages. In this article, we’ll be covering how SaneBox can manage your email for you, letting you automate the organization of your inbox to fit your habits. Here’s everything you need to know about the range of filters we offer, and how to set up SaneBox filters.


What is SaneBox? SaneBox is a Smart Assistant that uses an intelligent algorithm to sort emails and is easy to customize and train. It includes the most filtering options to help you control your email and works natively on all clients and devices. SaneBox is the most secure and private filter application and is the price-performance leader.



Using SaneBlackHole is safer than clicking unsubscribe on a spam email. Unsubscribing from suspicious email is dangerous and can expose you to more spammy mailing lists. Your success really depends on the integrity of the sender. It’s also far more efficient to drag and drop an email into SaneBlackHole than to go through the time-consuming unsubscribe process.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Drag an email into the SaneBlackHole folder, and you will never hear from that sender again. 
  • From then on, any email you get from the specified sender will be filtered straight to trash. Not to mention, nothing is more rewarding than banishing an irritating sender to the BlackHole, never to be seen or heard from again!



SaneLater, quite simply, filters out the noise. Having your unimportant emails automatically moved from your Inbox into another folder is strategic. It helps put a stop on unwanted distractions. Those unwanted interruptions are moved into your @SaneLater folder for you, right inside your own email account.

How it works:

  • Emails in your SaneLater folder are summarized in your SaneBox Digest.
  • If an email in your @SaneLater folder is from a sender you’d rather see in your inbox, you can easily teach SaneBox by dragging an email from that sender back to your inbox.


Auto-Reply Filters

Escape from pesky emails like: “I am on vacation…” by enabling the auto-reply handling feature on your SaneBox account.

How it works:

  • Auto Replies go to – Turn on this feature in Advanced Settings in your SaneBox account. This option impacts only auto-reply emails and not the contacts themselves. So if they send you a real email, you will receive it in your usual folder.

Domain Filters

Domain filtering allows you to train *all* emails arriving from a particular domain [] to your inbox, or to any other SaneBox folder. In other words, you can whitelist or blacklist emails from any custom employer or company email address ending.

How it works:

  • Move flagged emails to Inbox When enabled, flagged (starred) emails will be auto-moved to Inbox so you remember to process them. When done you can archive each or simply remove flags and SaneBox will move them back where they came from.
  • SaneSubjects Define key subject-line phrases to filter to selected Sane folder destinations and keep your Inbox priority-pure.



SaneSubjects allows you to create a filter based on subject content. If an email subject line contains (or begins with, or ends with) a specific term you designate, we can filter that email into a select SaneBox folder destination.

How it works:

  • Choose whether the subject line you’re training for either “Begins With”, “Contains”, or “Ends With” a certain term or phrase that you’ll enter.
  • Type in the exact word or phrase. Be aware that our system is not case-sensitive.
  • Select the destination you’d like to Create the @SaneSubject Training for.


Custom Filter

You have the ability to create a DIY training folder by visiting your Filtering Folders section of the Folders and Features tab on your Dashboard. You should see an “Add new DIY training folder” button, as shown below.

You’ll be asked to name your new folder during the process, finishing with a click of the Create button. After a couple of minutes, your new folder will be auto-generated, appearing as an addition to your list of SaneBox folders in your email account.


How it works:

  • Then, train email messages to go into this DIY folder by moving example items from senders you want to see there. Do so for emails currently in other SaneBox folders as well as future emails, and we will remember which contacts are to go to that DIY folder in the future.
  • After it’s in place, you can always rename the folder as you would any other folder, right from within your email software or app.
  • You can add up to a maximum of 6 DIY filing folders with Snack and Lunch plans and up to 70 folders for our Dinner plan.
  • Please do not use an already existing name for a SaneBox folder.


Without SaneBox filters, you’re micro-managing your email, and who has time for that? Once you’ve set up these filters, you can come back every day to an uncluttered, organized inbox every day.