People LOVE SaneBox for Email Management!

When you provide an email tool that helps people take back control of their inbox, they tend to develop a certain fondness towards you. 

Here’s what some of them are saying:

Brian Witlin, Shopwell

@sanebox is the most elegant and effective tool to manage your email. It has literally doubled my email productivity in a week. Amazing!

Forrest Kobayashi, ZURB

@SaneBox is the best service I’ve used in the past year. My email inbox is completely streamlined and yes, digestible.

Neil Ellis, Cazcade

Go use @sanebox now! First time I’ve made sense of my inbox in years, and it’s zero hassle to use.

Web Barr, National Geographic

One day into using @sanebox and its INSANE! ALL the email I never read is gone and I get ONLY email that matters. Its awesome!

Heather Gilchrist

I have to say that, although I was skeptical before I tried it, @sanebox has honestly helped me recapture my life from my inbox.

Steve Mathis

@sanebox You could easily call it AWESOMEbox, as SaneBox is pure, unadulterated awesomeness. Thanks for making my life easier!

Andrew Skotzko,

I will never go back to email the old way, if I can help it. @SaneBox for life

Chris Schultz, Launchpad

1 day back from #sxswi and just hit inbox zero. thank you @sanebox

Dan Knox, Science Exchange

received an amazing customer service email from founder of @sanebox today. equally impressed and inspired. thx @stuartroseman

Frederic Dumeny, FastForward

usually don’t tweet that kind of thing, but @sanebox is TRULY a great tool for email overload

Gideon Walker, AppSumo

If ya haven’t tried @sanebox then ya havent seen what loving your inbox is like. Empty your email, keep your sanity.

Jose M Guardia, TMR Productions

The trio of technologies that have boosted my productivity more: Evernote, Dropbox, and now SaneBox. I’m not the same man.

Ken Moorhead

I’m kicking so much inbox butt with @SaneBox I actually wish I got more email…

Koka Sexton, Insideview

Thank you @perramond! Just signed up for @sanebox and I think I’m in love with email again.

Rachael Herron, Author of the Cypress Hollow Novels

@carrieoke I LOVE @sanebox so much I want to marry it. I check my email about once a week.

Rob Kurver, Voipro International

Totally in love with @sanebox. Smart email management, trainable, excellent support. Saving me lots of time already, thanks guys!

Thank you so much for the kind words! 


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