When you provide an email tool that helps people take back control of their inbox, they tend to develop a certain fondness towards you. 

Here’s what some of them are saying:

Brian Witlin, Shopwell

@sanebox is the most elegant and effective tool to manage your email. It has literally doubled my email productivity in a week. Amazing!

Forrest Kobayashi, ZURB

@SaneBox is the best service I’ve used in the past year. My email inbox is completely streamlined and yes, digestible.

Neil Ellis, Cazcade

Go use @sanebox now! First time I’ve made sense of my inbox in years, and it’s zero hassle to use.

Web Barr, National Geographic

One day into using @sanebox and its INSANE! ALL the email I never read is gone and I get ONLY email that matters. Its awesome!

Heather Gilchrist

I have to say that, although I was skeptical before I tried it, @sanebox has honestly helped me recapture my life from my inbox.

Steve Mathis

@sanebox You could easily call it AWESOMEbox, as SaneBox is pure, unadulterated awesomeness. Thanks for making my life easier!

Andrew Skotzko, Chill.com

I will never go back to email the old way, if I can help it. @SaneBox for life

Chris Schultz, Launchpad

1 day back from #sxswi and just hit inbox zero. thank you @sanebox

Dan Knox, Science Exchange

received an amazing customer service email from founder of @sanebox today. equally impressed and inspired. thx @stuartroseman

Frederic Dumeny, FastForward

usually don’t tweet that kind of thing, but @sanebox is TRULY a great tool for email overload

Gideon Walker, AppSumo

If ya haven’t tried @sanebox then ya havent seen what loving your inbox is like. Empty your email, keep your sanity.

Jose M Guardia, TMR Productions

The trio of technologies that have boosted my productivity more: Evernote, Dropbox, and now SaneBox. I’m not the same man.

Ken Moorhead

I’m kicking so much inbox butt with @SaneBox I actually wish I got more email…

Koka Sexton, Insideview

Thank you @perramond! Just signed up for @sanebox and I think I’m in love with email again.

Rachael Herron, Author of the Cypress Hollow Novels

@carrieoke I LOVE @sanebox so much I want to marry it. I check my email about once a week.

Rob Kurver, Voipro International

Totally in love with @sanebox. Smart email management, trainable, excellent support. Saving me lots of time already, thanks guys!

Thank you so much for the kind words! 

About the Author Rachel Dotson

Michigander turned Angeleno. Teach For America alum turned startup marketer. I spend my days at SaneBox, saving the world from email woes one interruption at a time.

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