Quick and Simple SaneBox-Dropbox Integration? Yes, Please!

For both sending and receiving, large attachments can be a pain. Find relief with our newest feature, Sane Attachments.

Sane Attachments integrates seamlessly with Dropbox to ensure your large attachments are sent and accessed quickly and easily. Attachments in your inbox are automatically uploaded to your Dropbox. No more worries about going over your quota, important files getting lost in the shuffle, or the numerous difficulties related to mobile access and attachments.

“It really has made a very nice change to my email life. Before, chaos. Now, calm.” – Alex Wilhelm, The Next Web 

Already using Dropbox for attachments? Sane Attachments saves you a step. Rather than starting with creating a link through a Dropbox app or via the web, you treat your email like any other attachment, and it just works. This new feature makes large attachments as easy as small attachments… almost as easy as one with no attachments.

Whether you are sending or receiving large files, Sane Attachments is sure to bring a smile to your face. That is, until you’re so used to it you forget that large attachments are a problem for other people.


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