E-Mail Should Not Be an Inconvenience

Are you tired of opening your email at home or at your job only to see a bunch of spam and no important email at all? Are you tired of spending more time deleting emails than getting your job done when you’re at work? How many times have you missed an email important to your business because there are so many spam emails in your inbox or an important email at home because you’ve got more spam? If you’re one of the millions of computer users who are sick of spam and unimportant emails, then be of good cheer.

There are several ways to tame your inbox and make sure that all that spam goes elsewhere, and you don’t have to worry about it. For corporations especially, spam and unimportant email is becoming a huge problem. In 2008, the founder of TechCrunch Michael Arrington cited email overload as a huge problem and basically challenged tech entrepreneurs to create a solution to it. He’s right. Millions of workers are losing productivity because they are spending more time deleting emails than they are actually working. According to a study done recently by a company called Radicati, corporate email users get 200 emails a day. That is a lot of wasted time dealing with things that are not even important. Also, according to another study by the Grossman Group, those in middle management spend 100 hours per year just dealing with non-important email. Needless to say, for those corporate email users, it’s very important to free up those hours dealing with unnecessary email.

A new web-based application called SaneBox is the solution to corporate email problems. Private users have already been able to use SaneBox for their home email, and now SaneBox has launched SaneBox for Business, meaning that corporate users and small business now have the same great features that the SaneBox for private users already have. Basically, SaneBox takes all spam and unimportant email and filters it into folders. For instance, if you get a spam email, SaneBox’s algorithms already filter it into the spam folder. If it’s some fund-raising appeal, same thing. That way, instead of slogging through hundreds of spam emails, charity appeals and what not, you’re reading the email you actually need to read. There are other great features on SaneBox like smart reminders, which basically remind you to answer an email you haven’t answered yet; snoozing email, which means you can postpone receiving an email and calendar synching.

SaneBox for Business works with all web-based email services such as Gmail and Yahoo. It also works with clients like Microsoft Outlook. Since SaneBox is cloud based, it’s easy for IT people to integrate it with their Exchange users and there’s no software to download or application to keep up. It’s also very easy to use. If you know how to use email and folders, then you know how to use SaneBox. There are many happy users that no longer have to deal with spam or unimportant email and now are able to focus only on the important email they get. With SaneBox, email is no longer an inconvenience. It’s something useful again.


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