SaneBox Face Lift Continues

To all our beloved SaneBox users, please log in and check out our new settings page .

(and for those non-SaneBox lunatics out there… run and sign up for SaneBox right now… jeez)

I thought fielding this new page presented an opportunity to talk about what we hope to accomplish with our new face lift.  Probably all of this is common sense to most of you…

But, for me this was a revelation that came about from hiring Dmitri, our new VP of Growth, who has over seen this whole process with Pablo and his band of Argentine geniuses atGotVertigo.

We hope to …

1. Become more approachable – email filtering is simply not sexy and can sound somewhat daunting so we need to find a way to show the world how fun and easy it can be.

2. Explain with text and pictures – some people understand from reading and some from looking – we get that and are trying to do a better job of explaining our features and data in a more rounded way.

3. Separate advanced features from normal stuff.

4. Stop burying the lead – more important stuff is now bigger and closer to the top of the page.

5. Explain that this is all about saving time. it’s not about filtering or deferring or new tools for your email – it is about saving you time so you can do something else.

Still left to do:

1. movies, movies, movies – yup pictures that move.

2. Face lift for our emails to you.

3. More work on our help desk.

We love comments and criticism, so if you have a great change you are dying for us to make please send it to


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