Email With SaneBox – A Better Priority Inbox for Everyone

For those that have been living under a rock…

SaneBox and Priority Inbox distinguish between important email and email that can wait.

First, make no mistake, SaneBox is better than Priority Inbox.

Because SaneBox…

  1. Automatically files the unimportant stuff out of your INBOX so it doesn’t constantly distract you.
  2. Requires no training to be effective.
  3. Is more accurate
  4. Has great customer service
  5. Has 4-5 levels of importance
  6. Can defer an email for future processing
  7. Can Blackhole an email
  8. Can auto-file old emails
  9. Can monitor your SPAM folder for important stuff
  10. Can report on your email trends
  11. Can link to your social networks for increased accuracy

But, the general concept is the same.

Oh yeah, Google’s Priority Inbox is free and SaneBox costs actual money (about the price of a latte a month).

Oh wait… there is one more difference… Google’s Priority Inbox ONLY works with Google’s Gmail

and SaneBox now works with ANY EMAIL SERVER!

SaneBox now works with Gmail, Yahoo!, Mobile Me, AOL, MS Exchange, or any other service you can think of. Ummm… except Hotmail and Earthlink (don’t ask).

What’s your wasted time and email frustration worth each month?

We at SaneBox say enough to perpetual presidents, monarchies, walled garden email providers.  Free your email. Free your spirit.  Think of this as the first wave of an email revolution.