The role of AI in organizing your email inbox for enhanced productivity

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Do you have this overwhelming feeling of hiring an assistant to manage the incoming load of emails?

If your answer to the above question is YES, then you are at the right place to understand a simple yet effective way to organize your email inbox. 

Having an organized email inbox is directly linked to your productivity, as well as the overall productivity of your team. When you respond to your emails on time, you are passing instructions to your team on time. This helps in creating a smooth workflow. 

In this article, we will be discussing methods to organize your email inbox with the help of Artificial Intelligence to enhance the overall productivity of your team. 

Understanding the concept of AI and Email organizing

As technology advances, it is essential for you to fully exploit the available potential for enhanced productivity and the ease of completing tasks. 

As projects became more complex and team size increased, project managers started feeling the complications of using emails for managing projects. This led to the rise in the usage of project management tools. 

Project management tools simplify workflow, but a tool for organizing and intelligently sorting incoming emails will simplify the workload on managers and make teams more productive. 

The current era is governed by Artificial Intelligence. There are various tools that help you in sorting and organizing your email inbox. 

Let me just put this in simple words – An automated tool sorts your incoming mail and shows you only the important ones. The rest of the emails are kept down, and the tool even deletes emails that are redundant. 

Sounds cool! Isn’t it? 

In the next section, we will discuss the steps of how AI tools sort your email inbox and lower the clutter of loaded inbox. 

7 ways AI organizes your email inbox 

Let us look at the top 7 ways AI can help you increase your productivity by providing you with an effective method to organize your email inbox. 

  1. Focus on what matters the most
    • By incorporating an AI tool into your email inbox, incoming emails are automatically organized into different categories. The AI simply removes all the unimportant emails from your inbox and shows you only the most important ones. 

      This helps you to focus on the things that you need to get done while keeping all the other emails for a later time. Additionally, using an email project management tool will eliminate the need to check your emails repetitively. 
  1. Eliminate distractions 
    • How about having an email inbox where new emails keep pouring in all throughout the day? 

      Irritating, distracting, and what-not!

      With AI, you can overcome this challenge, which will help improve your email response time. You can create a separate folder where all your unimportant emails keep accumulating. This means you will be notified only for the important emails and for the rest of the unimportant emails, they will be delivered silently into a separate folder. 

      You can read those emails later on, or even have an automated assistant to take action as necessary. 
  1. Block unwanted spam emails 
    • A problem more severe than a distraction is emails that result in losses. Spam emails not only cause distractions but also waste your time and end up in financial loss.

      There are two important stats that highlight the importance of blocking spam emails! 

      As of 2021, more than 45.37% of emails were spam. Further more than 96% of phishing attempts were through emails. 

      By blocking spam emails, you are not only increasing your productivity but eventually protecting yourself from events that may result in loss. 
  1. Identify people at the right time 
    • This is where you need the advanced search option, but that is also simplified by using AI. 

      Basically, your email inbox consists of emails from numerous people. And guess what, you want to look for a specific email from a person years ago. This is where AI helps you providing you with an advanced search option that understands your requirements. 

      The integration of a talent assessment tool alongside AI-driven email management enhances your overall organizational productivity by aligning tasks with the right talents. This strategic approach ensures that your team operates at its full potential, ultimately contributing to a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

      Further, AI tools help you to remember people from any designation and location, who are specifically wanted at that particular time and are great prospects for client onboarding
  1. Store attachments in the cloud 
    • Emails coming with attachments use up a bulk of your storage. Cloud storage helps you in lowering the use of physical storage, but also makes the documents available for remote access from multiple locations. 

      By automating this process with AI, attachments are uploaded to the cloud storage automatically. Further, those attachments are sorted and available for quick access remotely. 
  1. Email-free time
    • Ever imagined that you could just use the DnD (Do not disturb) functionality in emails? 

      Well, with AI you have the ability to do that as well! You could set up time zones where notifications and all other alerts are hidden. 

      You can use this time peacefully to focus on critical tasks or simply lower your screen time. Further, you can even automate responses during this time period to make the sender aware of your email-free time zone. 
  1. Find emails with ease
    • AI not only just hides unimportant emails from your visibility, but also organizes incoming emails in separate categories. 

      By efficiently separating emails into different categories, AI helps you find the right emails you need with ease. This saves time and helps you to work seamlessly. 


Artificial Intelligence is clearly the way ahead when it comes to managing and organizing your email inbox. The seven steps mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. AI for organizing emails plays a key role in boosting overall productivity by helping you focus on critical tasks. 

SaneBox provides you with the perfect solution to solve every issue related to email overload. This is just like hiring a hyperactive and intelligent assistant who completes a major chunk of your work without your interference and constant monitoring. 

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