Xzito Hacks Their Way To Increased Productivity and Better Email Management With SaneBox

Marketing and technology agency Xzito is the authority on growth. But when their problems with email management and productivity started to grow out of control, they knew they needed the authority on email to get things back in line—and that’s when they found SaneBox.


Email issues were a drain on productivity


Internet marketing agency Xzito was already using various marketing hacks to help their clients grow and scale. But internally, they were always on the market for hacks to up their own productivity—particularly when it came to email.


One of the productivity drains the Xzito team was struggling with? Email getting in the way of more important tasks. “Constantly checking email vs. focusing on key objectives for the day” was a clear issue, says Xzito partner Jeshua Zapata. “[There was the] stress [of] not knowing what to do and being pulled [by] other people’s demands.”


Another major problem was the sheer number of emails. When a client would email with a time-sensitive request, there was always a risk of it getting missed in the flood of unnecessary messages. And if an email wasn’t time sensitive? With the heavy volume of emails coming in around the clock, it was easy for them to fall through the cracks.


Looking for the right hack to get their email under control


Zapata knew he needed to find a solution to the company’s growing email management problem, so he started doing a little research—and that’s when he found SaneBox.


“We found SaneBox 2 years ago as we were looking to learn best practices on managing [our] inbox and looking for productivity hacks,” says Zapata. “We really liked the concept of INBOX 0 and not being pulled in so many different directions.  We wanted to find methods to stay focused and deliver success daily.”


After exploring the different features SaneBox offered, Zapata quickly realized how each feature could benefit the company and up their productivity. “SaneBox has several tools that allow us to ensure that we manage the communication workflow effectively within the agency,” says Zapata. “For example, we snooze certain emails that don’t require immediate attention, or we set reminders to ensure that we get replies from customers/leads and other stakeholders.”


There were three features in particular that Zapata found particularly beneficial: Snooze Folders, Daily Digest, and SaneReminders.


Snooze Folders is like a “snooze” button for your email; it allows you to remove non-timely emails from your inbox—which allows you to tackle the most important emails first—without worrying about letting those non-timely messages fall through the cracks. All you have to do is drop the email into the Snooze Folder that corresponds with when you want to revisit it (like @SnoozeAfternoon or @Snooze11am) and it’ll pop back into your inbox accordingly.


Daily Digest is a daily list of all your unread unimportant emails. With the Daily Digest, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary emails clogging your inbox—but you can also go through the list to ensure you didn’t miss anything you actually wanted to read.


SaneReminders works two ways; first, if you send an email and it doesn’t get a response within a certain time frame, SaneReminders will send you a reminder to follow up. Second, if an email comes into your inbox that needs a response but you’re not ready to respond at that moment, SaneReminders will shoot you a reminder to make sure you don’t forget to respond later.


When asked to break down the features and their benefits, Zapata is clear and to the point. “Sane Snooze – Not paying attention to things that don’t matter that day. Sane Digest – Not looking at all emails, only bringing the most important to [the top of the] inbox. Sane Reminder – Reminds me to follow up after I send an email.”


SaneBox changes the way Xzito manages their email



Once Zapata realized the potential SaneBox held for the company, he started rolling it out to the team. Today, 60% of Xzito employees use SaneBox—and thanks to the positive results the team has experienced, they only expect that number to grow.


Zapata credits SaneBox for being a major productivity hack that has completely changed the way Xzito does business. “SaneBox helps us save time and allows us keep our mailbox clean,” says Zapata. “It removes unnecessary emails and it also reminds [us] to follow up, ensuring that nothing gets missed… It helps us stay connected with clients, leads and our internal team. It also helps us set expectations and drive workflow. We recommend it for anyone who wants to save time with email and look for best practices and productivity hacks.”


In fact, SaneBox has been such a gamechanger at Xzito that, according to Zapata, it might as well be a drug. “[SaneBox is a] TIME SAVING AND MENTAL CLARITY PILL…It’s the pill that helps control the email addiction and helps provide mental clarity.”


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