Intuit Research Takes Their Time Back With SaneBox

Boutique market research company Intuit Research was losing countless hours trying to manage their email. But then they took their time back—with SaneBox.


Losing time to unmanageable inboxes


When it came to identifying their company’s biggest productivity hurdle, there wasn’t a doubt in Intuit Research Co-founder Thomas Isaac’s mind as to where their team could improve. The Intuit Research team was spending hours each day filtering through unwanted messages, deleting unnecessary emails, and trying to make sure no important communications fell through the cracks. In general, spending time on unimportant emails, even if it is to just delete them [was taking up too much time],” says Isaac.


Isaac knew he needed to find a solution if he wanted to keep his company’s productivity from taking a nosedive. “[We had] a need to filter out unimportant emails,” says Isaac.


And that’s when he found SaneBox.


Taking their time back with SaneBox


Once Isaac discovered SaneBox and started using it in his own inbox, he noticed an immediate difference. He started using the SaneLater feature as a way to filter his inbox, get rid of unnecessary emails, and make sure only important communications made it to the top of his inbox. “[SaneBox] saves you a lot of time by filtering out unimportant emails,” says Isaac. “It’s made it much easier – focus on the important emails and check the rest when I get a SaneLater email to check which filtered emails I actually want to see.”


With the SaneLater feature, Isaac was able to take back the hours he was spending sorting through unnecessary emails. Excited by the boost in productivity, he rolled out SaneBox to the rest of the team—to great results. “Our employees all find the email management useful,” says Isaac. In fact, it was such a success that today, 100% of the Intuit Research team is using SaneBox to manage their inboxes and keep their email under control.


An added productivity bonus thanks to SaneReminder


The Intuit Research team may have originally looked to SaneBox as a way to get their time back—but they found an added productivity bonus thanks to SaneReminders.


SaneReminders is a SaneBox feature that works in two ways. First, it helps track emails that need a response. If you send an email and it isn’t responded to in a certain time frame, SaneReminders sends you a reminder to follow up. Second, if you get an email you want to respond to—just not that moment—SaneReminders will send you a reminder to make sure you respond at a more convenient or relevant time.


SaneReminders proved to be an invaluable tool for the Intuit Research team.


“The difficulty in setting reminders to follow up on emails I’ve sent [was a problem with our email management],” says Isaac. “The SaneReminders feature is extremely useful…it allows you to add a cc or bcc to SaneBox which then sends you a reminder on the date you specified if that email has not been replied to by then. This is a great tool for business development emails.”


In fact, SameReminders has been such a great tool for the Intuit Research team, they credit it for bringing new business into the company.


“From a sales perspective, reminders make it much easier to follow up,” says Isaac. “This has actually directly resulted in us winning at least one project.”


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