10 Podcasts That Will Help Increase Your Productivity


“Never stop learning.” This principle is followed by entrepreneurs and successful people everywhere as a totem of progressing in their careers. Knowledge is power, which is why growing your arsenal of education is essential to go as far as you can.


Thankfully, technology makes it easy to learn even when you’re on-the-go, while cooking dinner, taking a walk, and even when you’re commuting in your car. Listening to podcasts is an engaging and fun way to learn about any topic you want – there’s something out there for everyone.


Podcasts can be an excellent source of information that’s easy to consume. Here are ten of our favorite productivity-related podcasts that will help you achieve success.


The Tim Ferriss Show

Image: Thrive Global

Whether it’s minimizing the hours you spend working or maximizing your healthy lifestyle, Tim Ferriss preaches the idea of the “minimum effective dose.” Newsweek called him “the world’s best human guinea pig.” Tim’s podcast shares the results and learnings of his own life experiments as well as those of many successful and interesting guests.

Master of Scale by Reid Hoffman

In these short, digestible 20-30 minute podcasts, LinkedIn creator Reid Hoffman brings you an interactive podcast on all things startups. In each episode, Reid illustrates how companies grow from the ground up through interviews with the world’s top founders. This podcast is also the first American media program to commit to a 50/50 gender balance for its guests.

Getting Things Done

David Allen hosts the Getting Things Done (GTD) podcast, for good reason – he’s a productivity master and the bestselling author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity. This podcast continues touching on the ideas the book offers, which includes essential advice on organizational and personal productivity, and well as professional advice and thoughts on personal well-being. People of all backgrounds can take advantage of the insights he shares for stress-free productivity.


This weekly podcast is hosted by productivity guru Mike Vardy and is all about “crafting your time.” Mike shares advice on boosting your productivity and taking your time-management skills to the next level.

The Accidental Creative

If you work in a creative field and want to amp up your productivity, this podcast is for you. Conversations circle around how to keep producing when the creative juices run dry, balancing creativity and productivity, and more. Author Todd Henry hosts this podcasts and features guests that range from visual artists to tech entrepreneurs.

Extreme Productivity With Kevin Kruse

New York Times best-selling author Kevin Kruse sought to uncover the secrets of balancing productivity and well-being when he witnessed so many people feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Each 15-minute show is based on wisdom he’s gleaned through interviews with more than 200 highly successful people from all walks of life.

How I Built This

Image: Upvoted

NPR’s How I Built This is hosted by Guy Raz from the TED Radio Hour. In the podcast, Guy dives into the stories behind the most famous companies in the world. Featured guests have included entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Stewart Butterfield, and James Dyson divulging lessons they learned while growing their business empires. If you’re an aspiring founder, this might be the podcast to inspire you to set your ideas in motion!

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

 Image: Changeboard

Eat Sleep Work Repeat is #1 on Apple’s list for business podcasts – so they must be on to something! This podcast is the side hustle of Twitter’s European VP, Bruce Daisley, and studies productivity through the lens of workplace happiness and culture. It includes actionable ways you can improve your job and advice on how to be in control of your own happiness. As opposed to relying on gurus and opinions, this series focuses on science and experts.

How to Build the Future by Y Combinator

If you’re interested in building great products, it’s valuable to hear from other people on how they built their own amazing products. If you’re building a tech startup, need to take your current company to the next level, or just want to be insanely inspired, try this podcast.

Beyond the To-Do List

If you’re not making mistakes, are you really moving forward and learning all you can? In this podcast, Erik Fisher talks with people who share their successes and their failures, because they’re just as important in teaching us life lessons. Recent episodes have included themes such as remote work, creativity, and reaching inbox zero.


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