SaneBox Releases SaneConnect to Help Employees Find Warm Introductions With a Simple Search


(Press Release)

SaneConnect analyzes your team’s email network to identify who has connections at other organizations and how strong those connections are.

BOSTON, October 20, 2015SaneBox, the company that restores sanity to your inbox, announced today the launch of a new product: SaneConnect. SaneConnect is a fast and easy way to identify which of your colleagues have connections at other organizations, as well as the strength of those connections. Its mission is to empower users to never send a cold email again.

With SaneConnect, you enter the domain name of the company you want an introduction to. SaneConnect then analyzes the email history of your team to find out who has a relationship with an employee at that company. It evaluates those connections based on factors outside the body of the email—such as email headers, how recently the two were in contact and response rates—and indicates whether those connections are strong, medium or weak. For example, if two people have consistently emailed back and forth over the past six months, that relationship is stronger than if they emailed once six years ago. With a simple search, SaneConnect makes it possible to find a warm connection to someone at the organization you need, and all it takes is one click to ask your colleague to make the introduction.

“Email is the largest social network there is, especially for professionals, but it’s not leveraged as such,” said Dmitri Leonov from SaneBox. “Currently when people need an introduction to someone, they go to LinkedIn to see how they are connected, but email history is significantly broader than that. SaneConnect takes advantage of the goldmine of information in email to easily bring that connection to the surface.”

The fact is that cold introductions don’t work, and professionals need better ways to make the business connections they need. This not only requires figuring out who knows whom, but also context about the nature of those relationships. If you briefly met someone at a conference 10 years ago, you may be “connected,” but that does not mean you are in a position to make a helpful introduction.

SaneConnect enables every employee to benefit from the professional networks of their colleagues with minimal effort. SaneBox initially began building SaneConnect for use within its own organization, and realized that there was widespread demand for this type of solution.  SaneConnect will be available to all existing SaneBox customers, as well as to non-SaneBox customers who just want access to SaneConnect. Companies can sign up all their employees, or just a specific subset or team.

In addition to SaneConnect, SaneBox also recently launched SaneNoReplies, a folder that contains emails that were never replied to, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your outreach and know when to follow up. Keeping up with email is a struggle for many employees and only 6‐7% of emails people send are actually responded to. SaneNoReplies allows users to easily determine which emails have not received responses by accessing them all in one place. SaneNoReplies lives in email and is accessible from any device. It will monitor emails left in the folder for up to four weeks.

About SaneBox:

SaneBox is an incredibly smart email management system that saves the average user 2 to 3 hours per week by filtering and summarizing unimportant emails. It also provides users with a suite of features that help them fall in love with email again, including one-click unsubscribe, follow-up reminders, email tracking and more. Built by a team of friendly hackers with major technology experience, SaneBox works on top of your existing email account across all devices. Learn more and start your 14-day free trial at

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