Introducing SaneNoReplies—Never Forget to Follow Up on an Email Again


  1. Are the emails in the SaneNoReplies folder duplicates or the original? I.e. I want to keep an archive of all my sent emails. I keep worrying that when I delete an email in SaneNoReplies, I’ll lose my original reply.

    Please explain this aspect of SaneNoReplies in more depth (duplicates or not). Thanks!


  2. Thanks for the question!

    If you are a Gmail user, you can use the “remove label” function to remove it from the SaneNoReplies folder but keep it in your Sent folder. For other mail clients, you can delete it from the folder without deleting it from Sent. If you’re non-Gmail and would like to double check before deleting, please let us know your email client here or by emailing and we’ll confirm.

    Thanks again and happy emailing.


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