Power Your Email Productivity With SaneBox Integrations

Recently, we asked our audience on Twitter – “How do you use SaneBox in conjunction with other software?” We found that our power users had found creative ways to supercharge their workflows by using SaneBox with other fantastic email productivity tools

Check out these awesome responses: 

These are fantastic ideas for leveling up your email system. But, the integrations don’t stop with just email! Other users implemented other types of productivity apps not related to email to use in conjunction with SaneBox. 

Creative Ideas For Email Productivity

For example, Bryan Thompson uses OmniFocus and Evernote in conjunction with SaneBox. He uses Evernote for reference and support material for OmniFocus tasks, and OmniFocus for the tasks that he finds or creates from emails. 

Another user, Tyler Dary, uses Calendly, Zoom, and Mail VIP notifications in parallel with SaneBox. He reports that Calendly allows him to avoid emailing back-and-forth and just schedule a meeting instead. The app will book it on his calendar and create a Zoom meeting so connecting later is easy. Mail VIP notifications ensure that new clients or those that require a faster reply or simply things he’s interested in get a push notification when they come in. Tyler is super happy with this productive combination, saying, “I use email to my advantage instead of letting it use me!” 

Oh, and here’s a bonus time-saving SaneBox tip from Tyler – “I use reminders for items that I know need an email response. This allows me to keep my inbox clean and my to-do list empty! I schedule the digests so that I can use them once per day and then be done with email. It’s freeing to know that I don’t have to remember to check-in with someone.”

Integrations For Everyone

SaneBox works with a variety of useful integrations to level up your productivity. What are some of your favorites? Tweet at us @SaneBox to join the conversation.