Email Lessons from the Master of Star Wars

email management lessons

Cleaning out your inbox can seem like an insurmountable task. When searching to find the ‘true path to email enlightenment,’ we found a teacher that we have all trusted for the past 30 years with plenty more to come: Yoda. We gathered a few of his wisest sayings to guide us to a better inbox.

“I don’t believe it…” Luke
“That is why you fail,” Yoda

Some people are overwhelmed with email, and it makes sense. With over 100 billion emails sent every day, everyone is receiving far too many emails. Believing that you can’t do anything about it will only lead to more emails piling up in your inbox. Take the first step and believe there are answers out there, even if it seems impossible.

We suggest starting out with the ultimate email tips and tricks to jumpstart your journey. You can also use an email management service like SaneBox if you’re ready to make bigger changes.

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“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Answer one question, are you overwhelmed by the amount of email you have? If yes, you need to recognize that the habits you have are broken. There is no room for old theories to stay when solutions that work are available. The goal is to figure out a pattern that works for you and is realistic. (Yes, that does mean checking your email every 30 minutes is outdated.)

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

How many times have you downloaded an email management book, read through a ‘clean inbox’ article, or downloaded an app, then promised yourself that you will be diligent about changing your email habits? Weeks later, you see the app on your phone or the same article in a tweet and think, “Well, that solution certainly didn’t work.”

It’s time to be honest. In order for any of these tips, guides, and email services to work, you need to put in some effort. It might not seem easy at first, but we already know that falling back into a pattern that doesn’t work will only lead to a cluttered inbox. Now is the time to actually dive in and do it.

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