6 Awesomely Simple Ways to Spend Less Time on Email (Part 1)

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Each morning millions of us turn on our computers or connect our smartphones to the web, only to find our inboxes packed to the gills with emails. Ain’t nobody got time to manually filter their inbox each and every morning! Ain’t nobody!

We’re presenting 6 simple solutions on how you can spend less time dealing with email.

1. Read and respond

If you’re reading an email and you can reply back in 2 minutes or less, do it. It’s a total waste of time to go back to it later in the day when you can deal with it now. Answer it and move on.
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2. Set a time to check emails

Most people are constantly checking their email – distracting you from other, more meaningful tasks. Find a schedule that works for you and keep to it. Check your emails first thing in the morning and an hour or so before you leave work. Take it a step further by using a SaneReminder to remind yourself to follow up with a lead!

Bonus: In some cases, sending an email at 7pm is just as effective as sending it first thing in the morning as most people won’t check their inboxes till they are back at work the following day.

 3. The Email Shuffle

The Email Shuffle occurs when you receive an email in your inbox that you don’t need to read or reply immediately, but needs to be addressed in the near future. You remind yourself mentally to get around to, but they either end up getting lost in the abyss, you forget about them, or you waste time thinking about them when you check your email.

This is where email defer folders comes into play. Move emails that don’t require immediate attention into the Defer Folder, which will then pop back into your inbox at a time more convenient for you.

Check out part 2 for 3 more awesome ways to spend less time on email.

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