How 3 Real Estate Experts Combat Email Overload

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Email overload is particularly painful in real estate. Being able to filter out hundreds of newsletters while not missing a new client’s email is always an issue. We interviewed some of the industry’s top leaders to find out their solutions.

Filter out all the non-essentials

Jonathan Miller, Miller Samuel: Focus

The number one email I hate receiving is anything from a mailing list I guess it’s called ‘bacon’ where I have to do more than click on the unsubscribe button. Email that is somewhat related to what you’re doing, for example, someone that I might have worked with before, or sort of a company that we may have done business with. You don’t want to spam them right off the top, sometimes you want to see what you can do with it. Clearing the clutter so you can focus on the important tasks first is the most important thing you can do each day.

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Respond to email when it’s relevant

Chris Smith, Dot Loop: Timeliness

I think one of the things that is common in our industry is the auto responder that says something like, “Thanks for your information. I have checked and will reply to your email today between two and five.” This type of disconnectedness in a digital first world is not a good thing from the consumer’s perspective; they want a call back the same day, they want an email back the same day.

I think what happens is if you don’t have some kind of system, you either have to put it on your calendar every time or you have to just lie to yourself and say that you will find it later. The most valuable resource in business is time and how you appropriately use that time or not is up to you.

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Be diligent and embrace technology

Matt Beall, Hawai’I Life: Simplicity

Everyone has their own system. Stick to one that lets you be the most productive. Less essential tasks can’t be distracting you. Use technology to help you along the way. Many companies refused to recognize the amount of exposure the internet can give you, and it hurt them. Use technology to streamline your work so your process is not only simple to you, but to your customers.


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