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SaneBox is really easy to use. All we do is analyze what’s important to you (based on your past interactions with your Inbox), move the unimportant emails into a separate folder, and summarize them in a digest.

But that’s not all, SaneBox can do a looooot more. Here are the top 5 things you should try:

1. SaneReminders – CRM in your Inbox

Just send the email as usual but CC or BCC (or,, etc.) and SaneBox will remind you if you don’t hear back from the recipient by that time.

2. SaneReminders – to-do list in your Inbox

Just send a to-do item TO (or, or and that email will arrive in your Inbox at that time reminding you to stay on top of your action items.

3. SaneBlackHole – an annoying marketer’s worst nightmare

If you never want to hear from someone ever again, drag that email into the SaneBlackHole folder (you can enable it on our dashboard) and all future emails will go straight to trash. It’s like unsubscribing but faster, easier and safer.

4. SaneSnooze – snooze button for your emails

Just drag a non-urgent email into SaneTomorrow, SaneNextWeek or a custom Snooze folder (enable them on the dashboard) and it will reappear in your Inbox tomorrow morning, on Monday, or any time you customize.

5. SaneBox Intelligence Settings

Are you in sales? Do you consider emails from new contacts important? Then set your SaneBox Intelligence Setting to Moderate and unknown contacts will stay in your Inbox.

Do you prefer all emails to stay in your Inbox unless you train them? Then set it to Manual and all emails will stay in your Inbox unless you move them to SaneLater.

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About the Author Rachel Dotson

Michigander turned Angeleno. Teach For America alum turned startup marketer. I spend my days at SaneBox, saving the world from email woes one interruption at a time.

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