Introducing SaneData Email Dashboard for Teams

An average organization spends 28% of its time reading and responding to email. That’s a lot for something that’s not part of anyone’s job description.

Since you can only “manage what you measure,” today we’re announcing SaneData. You can see what your team’s email time really looks like and incentivize good behavior among your team. What’s more exciting, the dashboard (in particular the Inbox Zero score) has already encouraged friendly competition among employees, leading to better productivity and lowering that 28% down to something more reasonable!

As Jesse Pujji (CEO of Ampush, a fast growing ad tech company in San Francisco) says: “SaneBox’s email efficiency and analytics suite is incredible! It has made me significantly more effective with communication but more importantly, our team of ~100 people have gotten better/smarter/faster with email management. The Dashboard allows for game mechanics and competitiveness to drive people to efficiency!”

Here’s what it looks like:

The SaneData Dashboard lets management (and anyone else) view the following metrics:

Folders: # of SaneBox folders (features) in your inbox

Attachments: # of attachments received

Emails Received: # of emails received during the time period selected

% Important: % of emails received that SaneBox identified as important to you

Daily Low: Lowest number of emails you had in your inbox — Go Inbox Zero!

Inbox Zero Rank: AKA the SaneBox score — tracks email efficiency among your colleagues

Emails Sent: # of emails sent by the user

Reply Rate: % of emails sent that received a reply

Reminders: # of email reminder alerts set during selected period

Hours: Amount of hours saved by using SaneBox

MB: Total size of all attachments stripped and placed in your cloud storage

In the coming months we will continue to add more metrics to help manage and optimize the time companies spend on email.

Reach out to to find out how you can get SaneData set up for your organization!