Letter from our CEO


We started SaneBox back in 2010 to help people take back control of their email. We had 6 rules that drove us:


  1. SaneBox has to be as secure as humanly possible
  2. The customer shouldn’t have to do or learn anything new
  3. SaneBox has to work everywhere people check their email
  4. SaneBox has to get better over time
  5. SaneBox has to be so valuable that people will happily pay for it
  6. Customer data should never be a source of revenue


These points are still as important and critical to our mission as the day we started building SaneBox. When we started, the Internet was in the freemium phase – nobody wanted to pay for anything online, and it was very unhip to charge for your web service. But, we thought that thinking was short sighted.  After all, if you are not paying for the product, then you ARE the product.

Over the last few years, that trend reversed as more companies ditched the freemium model for the free trial. Last weekend we saw what happens when a  “service is free”. What Unroll.me did is hardly surprising and very much a result of their business model. Running an email filtering service is really hard and expensive (we would know!) The only way for them to provide the service is to sell their only valuable asset – their user data.


Charging for SaneBox allows us to avoid all conflicts of interest and concentrate on what we do best – help folks with their email. Here is our promise to you:


We will never sell your data to anybody – not individual data, not anonymized data.


If privacy and security are important to you (as well as a full suite of time-saving features) then try us for free for 2 weeks. We’ll even give you a $20 store credit if you sign up from this link.


Best Regards,

Stuart Roseman

Founder SaneBox