SaneBox Works In Any Language!

Did you know that SaneBox not only works with every email client, provider and device—it works anywhere in the world. Meaning whatever country you’re in, whatever language you speak, SaneBox is there for you.

We have customers pretty much all over the world: Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Japan, China, Australia, Russia and South Africa, etc etc etc.

So whether you speak ChineseBengaliRussianPortugueseBurmese, ShimaoreSwati Germanic or even Latin – fear not, your email overload problem is about to be obliterated by SaneBox.

You might be wondering how a team of gringos (well not really, we actually speak Russian, French, Hebrew and Spanish) came up with software that works in any language.  Simple—our algorithms don’t rely on understanding content. We simply look at the data: the relationship trees in your email.  And since data and math are universal languages, SaneBox actually works for Martians too!

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