100 Email Hacks: Become an Inbox Zero Superhero!

Whether you’re a working professional, a student, stay at home parent, a retiree or anyone else with access to the Internet chances are you’re an avid emailer.

Email truly is a beautiful thing. It’s the first, and still the largest social network – it has the ability to connect people around the world. Unfortunately this beauty is tainted by some not-so-beautiful facts. Email has become an enormous productivity killer and time waster, it leads to stress, and for many people it has become a chore. So who’s to blame? It may be hard to swallow, but the culprit is actually you and I.  Society’s poor email habits have led to the negative issues surrounding email.

Fear not! We wrote a book to help fix it!

The “100 Email Hacks” eBook was developed to help people get out of their inbox and on with their life. It contains incredible time saving strategies, best practices and awesome tools and apps to make you an email master. The eBook will show you the best ways to protect your privacy and secure your email account, the secrets of Gmail, email etiquette, and power hacks for the power users. Each section, equally as important as the next, will arm you with the tools you need to spend less time in your inbox, creating more time for the things you’d rather be doing.

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