Best Way To Update Your Contacts: WriteThat.Name Simply Works

When I come across products that help me save time and be a better emailer, I  get really excited.  I’ve been using WriteThat.Name for a whole, and just happily paid for a Pro subscription.

How Does It Work?

Once you register with, it will analyze the signature of every verifiable email and extract the necessary information. It then converts that information into your address book, which is immediately available to you.  It works amazingly well.  As soon as a new contact emails you with their signature, you have their info in your Contacts. It is compatible with Gmail and Google Apps and will soon work with Microsoft Outlook, as well.

Just like SaneBox, WriteThat.Name doesn’t require a download because it uses cloud technology.  While it is true your emails are being scanned for contact information, the actual content is never even seen by the staff at The emails are actually scanned by computer technology, allowing all your email content to remain completely secure.

Create Separate Contact Lists or Merge Several Together

One of the great aspects of technology is that it gives you the freedom to determine how to store your data. If you are currently using several Gmail accounts and/or Google Apps, you can decide to keep each of these contact lists separate and will work for each one. If on the other hand, you want to merge all or some of these accounts together into one comprehensive address book, it can easily do that too.

Let Update Automatically or Check Manually

Another great feature is it allows you to decide how to update the new contact information to your address book. We used the automatic/instant option. It’s just easier that way, and it hasn’t been wrong once. The manual option gives you the opportunity to look through all the daily changes that were captured and decide which information to store in your address book. Each day you will receive an email detailing all the changes made to your account. With the automatic system this daily email is simply a notification, but with the manual system, you give your authorization and the changes are made.

It is fluent with scanning all email written in English and French and can read relevant information, such as a phone number and address in several European languages including German, Italian and Spanish.  Que bueno.  And here’s another cool part: for a $20 flat fee, WriteThat.Name can scan all your historical contacts. I happily did that as well. I’m glad I have a new tool in my email management kit.

Do yourself a favor and check it out!


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