HelpScout Helps You Manage Your Customer Email Inquiries

By Julie, CreativeMMS

So, by now your inbox is properly sorted and prioritized with the help of SaneBox. But what about your company’s never-ending list of incoming inquiries? Today, people expect more than ever from their technology, their products, and their service providers. In today’s on-demand market, if you can’t provide stellar customer service, you will fall behind in the pack.

There are a couple of key tools that effectively can help you manage your customer service. However, we always find that the simplest solution works bests.

We compared three online tools and found the one we like the best: HelpScout!

Firstly, you have to check out HelpScout! quickly and easily manages a large volume of email while still being able to effectively interact with each customer one-on-one. The program sorts and responds to “catch-all” addresses that are typically read by several administrators such as a contact@, support@, or info@ email addresses. Helpscout helps growing companies manage their customer service inquiries while keeping team members on the same page through constant communication management. Use it for tech support, sales, billing, or sharing an inbox. The “saved replies” option saves time by allowing you to set up standard templates to frequently asked questions or common inquiries and customize them to your client’s request. HelpScout is extremely user-friendly and requires few features to make it useful for many different types of companies.

Reasons it rocks:

  • You don’t have to change your email address
  • It’s not an email host, just an organizer.
  • It’s invisible to the customer and message looks like a personalized email with a signature from a company representative.

We use HelpScout because it’s super affordable, but there are two other great customer service organizers that are just as effective as getting the job done.

Here are the other two tools we evaluated, that came in as close runner-ups.

ZenDesk not only centralizes all your customer conversations so nothing gets ignored, but their awesome website features webinars, a “whitepapers” tab, a blog, and a whole section devoted to infographics.

UserVoice also creates simple online feedback, help desk, and knowledge base software, but a cool addition to the UserVoice program is their easy to install Facebook tab to allow companies to take the power of UserVoice to a fan page.

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