How to get SaneBox Email Management for Free… Forever

Last week we released new “5 by 5 Referral Rewards”. Here’s how it works:

You join SaneBox. SaneBox will move distracting emails out of the way, and using our other features you will save yourself copious amounts of time and effort.  AND your first 30 days are free.

Then, you invite a friend to sign up for SaneBox either using the invitation page or sending them a special invitation link.  They sign up.  Then 2 magical things happen:

1) you get a $5 credit towards your SaneBox subscription

2) they get a $5 credit towards their SaneBox subscription

So sign up 11 friends this year and get SaneBox for free for the whole year!  Do this every year and you never have to pay us a cent.  But, shhhh…. don’t tell anyone because we’d like for some people to pay.


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