Headworks International Crushes Their Biggest Productivity Killer With SaneBox

Wastewater screening powerhouse Headworks International was drowning in a flood of emails. So, they turned to SaneBox for a lifeboat.


Drowning in a flood of emails


Headworks International is an industry leader in cleaning up dirty water. But one thing they couldn’t clean up? Their inboxes.


Email is a non-negotiable communication tool for Headworks International; it allows them to easily communicate with their clients, send important attachments, and keep team members in the loop on important projects.


But the Headworks team was struggling to keep up with the flood of emails in their inboxes every day. “The biggest struggle was sorting through the sheer amount of emails to differentiate the marketing as well as spam from the important ones,” says Michele LaNoue. The lack of inbox organization was putting pressure on the team, causing them to scramble to meet deadlines or to miss important emails altogether. “Many things were done in a fire drill mode… [and] many important emails were overlooked and deadlines were missed because of it.”


The email problem also caused Headworks International to rush some projects, resulting in submitting work that wasn’t up to their own high standards. “Some important events and products [were] not delivered up to our standards because they were done hastily,” says LaNoue.


Looking for an answer


LaNoue knew her team needed a solution to their email problem in order to do their best work. “[The] hindered productivity and the stress of missing some emails or catching them way too late” is what finally prompted LaNoue to seek out a solution.


And that’s how she found SaneBox.


Inbox cleanup with SaneBox


LaNoue immediately recognized SaneBox as a tool that could help her team manage the flood of emails, organize their correspondence, and clean up their inboxes once and for all. LaNoue started experimenting with the SaneBox features and was immediately impressed at how it transformed her inbox.


“You have more overview about the priorities of emails and can handle the important ones right away,” says LaNoue.


After using SaneBox to clean up her own inbox, LaNoue started rolling it out to her team. While they’ve only implemented SaneBox to about 20% of the team, the results have been extremely positive. “We can sort the emails by different importance levels and topics,” says LaNoue. “It saves time and makes the users much more productive.”



According to LaNoue, SaneBox has completely changed the way Headworks International approaches email. “[SaneBox has] completely changed it. [It’s] hard to understand how people get away without it and how much time they waste on sorting through email and setting reminders for follow up.”


The most helpful feature for the Headworks International Team? SaneReminders. With SaneReminders, you can make sure no important emails fall through the cracks my setting reminders to respond to an email in the future or to follow-up on an email that needs a response—without creating more junk in your inbox. “Reminders are finally easy to be set without sending yourself an email (which then again blocks up your inbox),” says LaNoue. “Setting reminders allows for peace of mind.”


The impact on productivity has also been a complete gamechanger for the company. “[SaneBox] manages time and allows us to focus on relevant things, utilizing SaneBox Reminders helps make sure we follow up appropriately and nothing falls through the cracks, and [SaneBox is a much] more efficient tool in terms of removing marketing and spam than any [other] junk filter.”


As far as whether she plans to continue to use SaneBox for herself and her team, for LaNoue, it’s a complete no-brainer. “SaneBox is a tool I started to use and don’t want ever to give up again,” she says.


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