Our go-to for fast file sharing


You know our stance on sending email attachments. We hate it. It’s tedious and disorganized, and the files take up space on your computer and in your email.

One of the things we use to combat this is Droplr, and we use it religiously to share screenshots, screencasts, & files in link form. If we wanted to show you how to create a custom Snooze folder, we could use Droplr to send you a screencast in seconds (See! http://d.pr/i/4wmX). And if we needed to annotate and share a screenshot, that’s easy too (http://d.pr/i/14nW9). Pretty awesome, right?

If you haven’t tried Droplr yet, we really do recommend signing up. There is a free option and they’re also giving SaneBox users 25% off of any plan for the first 6 months. Use the coupon code “SaneBox” at checkout. Happy file sharing.

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