AwayFind + SaneBox = Match Made in Heaven

As we all know, SaneBox helps you focus on what’s important in your Inbox.  But what if you want to, say, stop working and unplug?  That’s where AwayFind comes in.  You can safely close your Inbox knowing that when important/urgent emails arrive in your Inbox, AwayFind will send you a notification via SMS or their iOS/Android apps.  

This way you can stop checking email and enjoy life for a bit.  You can create lots of rules with AwayFind, like “notify me when someone I’m meeting with in the next 3 hours emails me” and much more.

Since AwayFind just added support for SaneBox, and they’re good friends of ours, they are offering SaneBox customers a lifetime 25% discount if you sign up before March 1st .  To take advantage of this, be sure to checkout with code “saneaway”.


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