Snoozing your alarm clock feels good, but it’s actually bad for you. Snoozing non-urgent emails, on the other hand, not only feels great but is also fantastic for your productivity. Here’s why.

There are 3 kinds of emails: important/urgent, important/non-urgent and unimportant.

The unimportant ones are easy—just delete them in bulk (that’s what SaneLater is for). You should deal with important/urgent emails right away (that’s what your Inbox is for). But what about those important emails that just aren’t actionable yet?

Most people just leave them in their Inbox. This causes your brain to think about them every time you see them. This is bad for your productivity and happiness.

Followers of GTD (Getting Things Done) move non-urgent emails into a Defer folder. This is much better—you can go into that folder regularly and re-evaluate whether emails are now actionable. This is better, but still requires discipline and wastes time.

The best way to deal with these emails is to snooze them. Simply drag them into one of SaneBox’s Snooze folders and they’ll reappear in your Inbox tomorrow, Monday, or whenever you specify. Then if you’re still not ready, you can snooze them again. If you do this religiously, the only emails in your Inbox are the ones you’ll deal with today. Everything else is out of sight, out of mind (until needed back on your mind, of course).

Setting up an Auto Reply


We now offer an option to send out an auto reply to your contact to let them know that you received their email and will respond to them shortly.


1. Visit your Folders page.

2. Under your Enabled Snooze folder, select Enable Auto Reply.




3. Check the Enable auto-reply box.




4. Edit the message that SaneBox will send to your customer and click OK.




5. Now when you snooze an email for this snooze folder, SaneBox will send out this message to your contact during our next processing of your account.


Here are the rules for when we will send auto-reply messages.

  • Absolute snooze folders – @SaneTomorrow, @SaneNextWeek, or any snooze folder that will put messages back in your inbox at a specific time.
  • Relative snooze folders – @Sane3Days, @Sane1Week, or any snooze folder that will put messages back in your inbox relative to the time that the message was put into the folder .
  • We will send an auto reply to a given contact only once per hold period.
  • We will send an auto reply to a given contact every time an email is put into that folder.
  • We will NOT send an auto reply to any contact that has opted out of all SaneBox emails.
  • We will NOT send an auto reply to any contact that has opted out of auto-reply messages for the given snooze folder.


About SaneBox

SaneBox is an easy-to-use inbox tool that helps you make your email manageable again. How? By prioritizing important emails and summarizing the rest. Learn more about the full suite of productivity features, and start today for free »

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